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PNPC Dr Alison Blair, Civ - Hijacked - Doctor, doctor...

2009-10-19 18:55:00


OOC: Please disregard the last version of this SIM. I sent a draft instead of the finished SIM by mistake ((Sickbay)) Blair: Devonshire? Are you British doctor? Devonshire: ::appraising the bruise:: No, why? Blair: Just the name, definitely sounds British. I thought maybe all this way away from dear old Blighty, I had found another Brit! Devonshire: No, my grandparents on my father's side were from the United Kindom, but I was reared in the United States... That's a nasty bruise. ::getting the dermareginerator:: A few minutes with this and you'll be as good as new. ::holding her arm, he helped her to lay down, then started moving it slowly back and forth over the bruise::Having any pain? ::Inwardly, Alison smiled a little. She had asked the same question dozens of times but it wasn?t until she was sitting with several broken ribs and one hell of a shiner that she realised how stupid it was to ask!:: Blair: Yes, I most certainly am. Devonshire: I hate to ask such a personal question, but did they hurt you in any other way? If so, I'll need to treat you for that too. Blair: You needn?t worry about asking me difficult questions, Dr Devonshire. I am an M.D. too; I know the drill in situations like this. ::She shook her head:: No, thankfully, I haven?t been sexually assaulted. Devonshire: ::nods:: I see... then as a doctor, then you know why I had to ask. Blair: Indeed. Devonshire: Is there anything you could telll me that might help the others. Some of them are unable to talk about it yet, and I know that any information would be of help to Dr. Aadi and Dr. Lee, our counsellors. Blair: Well, I don?t suppose it?s a massive stretch of the imagination what was happening, doctor. I was abducted, along with two other human females and held on a ship. I?m not sure what size the ship was, or too much about the crew because I was held in isolation for most of the time. Devonshire: reply? Blair: I am assuming that the purpose of the kidnapping was for some bloody breeding programme since they seemed more than a little annoyed . Seems like our abductors? scanners couldn?t tell a 43 year old woman from a bloody teenager! I?m not exactly well suited to breed slaves. Which I am sure is why I was beaten. There was some weapon?s fire or some such and we found ourselves, willy-nilly, on a Romulan ship. I couldn?t bloody believe it! Romulans coming to our rescue! Devonshire: reply? TBC... PNPC Dr Alison Blair Civilian SIMmed by Eliaan Deron