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Dr Eliaan Deron, CMO - Hijacked - How to get A-Head (Tag Myrna & T'Lar)

2009-10-19 19:41:00


((Sickbay)) ::As the Klingon medic expertly prepped the surgical biobed, Eliaan fetched the equipment he would need. The rest of the staff appeared to all be busy with the other patients, so it would just be the two of them performing the procedure. Thankfully, unlike the last time the Marine Captain had materialised onto one of the biobeds, the procedure was going to be pretty straightforward.:: Myrna: Ready when you are, Lieutenant. Deron: Alright, Let?s begin. This looks like a very standard saccular aneurysm in the anterior circle of Willis artery. We?re going to remove a very small part of Llewelyn?s skull, exposing the aneurysm then we?ll tie it off, repair the blood vessels and remove the aneurysm. ::The Klingon nodded and they began the work. Eliaan thought back to the last time he held part of Llewelyn?s skull in his hands and the last time the two men had been in Sickbay together. He hoped that performing this procedure would go somewhat towards repairing their relationship.:: Deron: This is a simple procedure; just make sure you are keeping an eye on his vitals... particularly his blood pressure. ::The Betazoid lifted an exoscalpel and gently removed a small area of Llewelyn?s skull. He placed it onto the sterile tray and using the biobed display he located the aneurysm. Quickly isolating the bulging area from the rest of the artery, he repaired the tear with the vascular regenerator.:: Myrna: Looking good, Lieutenant. I'm impressed by your speed and precision. May I ask where you studied before joining the Academy? Deron: ::looking up at the tall woman:: We?re in Sickbay, please call me doctor. It doesn?t really matter in here how many pips I have. I am Starfleet trained through and through; Starfleet Academy for pre-med and then Starfleet Medical for my M.D. What about yourself? Myrna: Interesting. I was trained by my mother before joining the Klingon Defence Forces just before the outbreak of the war. I've been a combat medic every since, eventually transferring to the Academy and enlisting in the Marines. Deron:::Picking up the bone regenerator and handing it to the Klingon:: Would you like to do the honours and close the skull? Myrna: reply? ::He watched as the medic reattached the removed piece of skull to Llewelyn?s cranium.:: Deron: Your mother taught you well. Myrna: reply? Deron: We?ll keep him sedated for the next hour or so, after that he should be fine. Myrna: reply? Deron: Well, were going to have to work on preventing this from happening again. ::tapping his commbadge:: =/= Deron to T?Lar: please report to sickbay immediately, doctor. Your services are going to be required with Captain Llewelyn =/= T?Lar: reply? Deron: =/=Thank you, Deron out. =/= ::As he had been with Myrna, Eliaan wasn?t quite sure where Lt T?Lar fitted into the command structure as the designated marine counsellor. He wasn?t sure why the marine contingent on the ship needed their own counsellor, and wasn?t sure whether the Vulcan reported to Commander Aadi, Captain Llewelyn or both.:: Deron: Thank you for your assistance, Lieutenant. I?m sure Captain Llewelyn will also appreciate it when he wakes up. Myrna: reply? Deron: Well, I?d definitely say that helping save your C.O.?s life is the best way at getting a speedy promotion. TBC... Lieutenant (junior grade) Eliaan Deron, MD Chief Medical Officer USS Resolution