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PNPC 2LT Myrna, Combat Medic - "Hijacked" - Saving the Captain from Scars...

2009-10-19 23:38:00


(( USS Resolution: Sickbay, Deck 2 )) Deron:::Picking up the bone regenerator and handing it to the Klingon:: Would you like to do the honours and close the skull? Myrna: If he were Klingon, we'd just sew it back together so he could claim it as a battle scar to show his honor. ::Grinning in what was sure to appear as a feral manner, Myrna took the proffered bone regenerator. With surprising delicacy for her species, she closed the wound over and activated the regenerator. Within moments, no evidence of the opened cranium remained. Swapping the bone regenerator for its skin-repairing counterpart, she continued to close the wound and erased the last of the possible scar tissue.:: Deron: Your mother taught you well. Myrna: Thank you, Doctor. I actually learned this at the Academy. She would've been happy to just hand him an ice pack and tell him to apply pressure. Deron: We'll keep him sedated for the next hour or so, after that he should be fine. Myrna: Understood, and when he wakes up? Deron: Well, were going to have to work on preventing this from happening again. ::tapping his commbadge:: =/= Deron to T'Lar: please report to sickbay immediately, doctor. Your services are going to be required with Captain Llewelyn =/= T'Lar: reply? Deron: =/=Thank you, Deron out. =/= ::As the doctor spoke to the marine's designated counselor, Myrna set about sedating her commanding officer. A couple other taps of the control panel beside the biobed and she'd instructed it to automatically administer the sedative if it looked like it was wearing off earlier than intended.:: Deron: Thank you for your assistance, Lieutenant. I'm sure Captain Llewelyn will also appreciate it when he wakes up. Myrna: All in a day's work, doctor. To preform one's duty to the best of one's ability is the only honorable way. I may not be a warrior in the traditional sense, but I still live by the Klingon code of honor. Deron: Well, I'd definitely say that helping save your C.O.'s life is the best way at getting a speedy promotion. Myrna: Yes, there is always that too. Is there anything else I can do to be of assistance, Lieute - forgive me - doctor? Deron: response Myrna: Anything I can do to help, doctor. That's what I'm here for. Deron: response TAG/TBC 2nd Lieutenant Myrna Marine - Combat Medic USS Resolution, NCC-78145 SIMMed by Ensign Anora Manar