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Cmdr Toni Turner-West "Hijacked" - Needing to get underway

2009-10-20 14:59:00


((Bridge)) ::After the meeting with the Romulan Commander Vreenak, Toni spoke to Heath briefly about what he had said then went to the Bridge.:: Turner: Lt. Barnes, reports? Barnes: Response Turner: No word on Captain Llewelyn's condition? Barnes: Response Turner: You still have the Bridge. Just keep me posted. ::Moving to where Petrov and Hella were standing:: Ivan, I want you and Hella, to go to the station and find out why it's silent, take Evans and do what you can to get them up and running. I'll have Ensign Anora meet you in the Shuttle Bay. If their engineers have been comprimised you'll need her to help with repairs. Netal and Leonardo can take care of the ship. Petrov: Response Turner: If we can get the Resolution moving, rendevous with us at Iconia. Petrov: response Turner: Just be careful. We don't know what you will run into. Petrov: response Turner: =/= Bridge to Ensign Anora =/= Anora: =/= Response =/= Turner: =/= Meet Lt. Petrov in the Shuttle Bay stat, He'll explain when you get there. Be sure to inform LtCmdr Netal. =/= Anora: =/= Response =/= Turner: =/= Good, Turner out... BREAK =/= Commander Turner to Lt. Unun... Report.=/= Unum: =/=Response=/= Turner: =/= Keep me informed and relay any information Dr Deron or our Counselers have on how they did it to Lt. Petrov. He'll need to know to be on alert. I'm sending him to the Starbase.=/= Unum: =/= Response =/= Turner: =/=Good man. Turner out =/=::Returning to Barnes:: Hugh, see if you can track that Romulan ship. I want to find out if Vreenak can be trusted. Hores, plot a course to Iconia. I want to leave as soon as the ship is fit. Barnes/Hores: Response ::Retaking the center chair, Toni pressed the comm on the arm.:: Turner: =/= Turner to Netal =/= Netal: =/= Response =/= Turner: =/= I know you are working as hard as you can, but we really need to get the our shields up and Resolution underway. Do you have any idea as to when we can do that?=/= Netal: =/= Response =/= TBC Cmdr Toni Turner-West Commanding Officer USS Resolution NCC-78145