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PNPC LtCmdr Talon Lee, ACCO - "Hijacked" - worse nightmare

2009-10-20 15:23:00


((USS Resolution - Deck 2 - Sickbay)) Lee: Animals, all of them. Unum: Pretty bad, huh? Lee: Yes, and I won't even tell you what I'd like to see done to them. Unum: ::kneeling down on one knee next to her chair:: Hopefully, we'll be able to figure out who did this to them. Have any of the women been able to give you any information that might help us find whoever did this to them? Lee: ::Thinking:: Well... They were mixed species, and one of the women indicated that here attackers were not wearing uniforms. Unum: ::raising his eyebrows:: That's a start, but not a lot to go on. I hope things are better on DS4. I haven't heard anything about what happened over there, have you? Lee: No, the women I've talked to haven't said anything about it and right now, I'm not pushing them. Unum: ::nodding:: I hope we know more soon. Are you okay? Lee: Yes, why? Unum: ::looking concerned:: You just seem... distracted by what's happened. Lee: ::sighs heavily:: I'm just worried about my patients. They've been though a woman's worse nightmare. I... ::She was interrupted by Mile's commbadge.:: Turner: =/= Commander Turner to Lt. Unum... Report.=/= Unum: =/=Response=/= Turner: =/= Keep me informed and relay any information Dr Deron or our Counselors have on how they did it to Lt. Petrov. He'll need to know to be on alert. I'm sending him to the Starbase.=/= Unum: =/= Response =/= Turner: =/=Good man. Turner out =/= Unum: Response Lee: I don't think Dr. Aadi is pushing them either. Maybe Dr. Deron picked up something from them telepathically. Unum: Response Tag PNPC LtCmdr Talon Lee, ACCO Assistant Chief Counseling Officer USS Resolution NCC-78145 SIMed by Cmdr Toni Turner