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Lt Barnes - CTO - "Hijacked" -

2009-10-20 21:23:00


((Bridge)) ::Watching the Romulan leave the ready room Barnes watched him escorted off the bridge and back to his own pile of junk. Running his fingers over the board he initiated a track on the Romulan warp signature he knew as yet he'd not been ordered to do it but the deep down mistrust of anything Romulan made him feel it was necessary. He knew from past experiences that the Tal Shiar weren't opposed to placing an agent in a warbird to pass disinformation to who they considered to be enemies of the state and that included most of the galaxy. ::Hearing the doors to the CRR open Barnes looked up. Turner: Lt. Barnes, reports? Barnes: The Warbird has departed the system heading 123 mark 12. warp 4. Still nothing from the station. Turner: No word on Captain Llewelyn's condition? Barnes:: Smiling: I contacted sickbay and to be honest I got a short shift. From what I can gather he's under observation. Deron's awaiting results for the raft of tests he's done. Turner: You still have the Bridge. Just keep me posted. ::Nodding Barnes stayed at his station and watched as the warbird stopped 6 light years away, oO Thats interesting Oo Turner: =/=Good man. Turner out =/=::Returning to Barnes:: Hugh, see if you can track that Romulan ship. I want to find out if Vreenak can be trusted. Hores, plot a course to Iconia. I want to leave as soon as the ship is fit. Barnes: Already on it commander. He's stopped 6 light years away bearing 123 mark 12. Why I can only guess. If I had to I'd say he was getting orders to come back. :: Glancing at his screen: Shields up to 75% Hores: Response TBC -- --