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MSPC Brak - "Hijacked" - The last chance

2009-10-20 23:22:00


((Cardassian Hideki Class vessel Vinst)) ::Once Meeva arranged for the slaves to be beamed onboard the Vinst, Brak set course to pick up the three freighters and begin the final leg of his mission. Brak took Meeva to his office to discuss his plan.:: Brak: We should arrive to pick up the freighters tomorrow, and then it will be just a few more days before we can dispose of them and the slaves. Meeva: Response Brak: ::smiling:: Meeva, you have been an excellent partner. Meeva: Response Brak: ::looking at her longingly:: Once we reach our final destination, how about we have a drink at the local pub? Meeva: Response Brak: ::angrily:: I was *hoping* we would spend a lot of time together after the deliveries were made. Meeva: Response Brak: ::activating the alert button for Reyga to come to his office:: That's not what I had in mind. You have been toying with my emotions, my dear. Meeva: Response ::Reyga entered the office.:: Brak: ::raising his voice:: Reyga, confine her to her quarters until we drop off the cargo, and then we'll leave her on the planet also. Reyga: Yes, sir. Meeva: Response Tag/TBC MSPC Captain Brak Ferengi Trader and MSPC Reyga Ferengi Security Chief SIMed by LtJg. Miles Unum