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PNPC Vreenak - "Hijacked" - Loose ends

2009-10-20 23:27:00


((IRW D'Nali)) ::Once the D'Nali rendezvoused with Aimne's warbird, Vreenak activated his agents onboard and sent his sub-commander and a boarding party to take control of the warbird. Once the sub-commander and his team gained control of Aimne's ship, the two warbirds set course for the Iconia star system to await the Resolution.:: ::After several hours at warp, the two warbirds arrived in the Iconia star system, and Vreenak contacted his sub-commander.:: Vreenak: =/= Cloak your vessel and stand by for further instructions. =/= Sub-commander: =/= Yes, sir. =/= Vreenak: =/= There has been no word from the informant on the Ferengi's ship. We have to assume that the informant has been compromised. I will send you instructions to begin your search for the Ferengi's ship. =/= Sub-commander: =/= Understood. =/= ::Vreenak closed the transmission and ordered the cloaking device to be activated on the D'Nali. He sent the search parameters to his sub-commander, and the search for the Ferengi vessel began utilizing subspace communication channels friendly to the Romulans. Vreenak signaled Commander Turner and advised her of his coordinates in the Iconia star system for them to meet so he could transfer her eight crew members back to the Resolution.:: TBC PNPC Commander Vreenak Romulan Warbird D'Nali SIMed by LtJg. Miles Unum