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LtJg. Unum, CoS - "Hijacked" - Sickbay continued

2009-10-20 23:29:00


((USS Resolution - Deck 2 - Sickbay)) Unum: ::nodding:: I hope we know more soon. Are you okay? Lee: Yes, why? Unum: ::looking concerned:: You just seem... distracted by what's happened. Lee: ::sighs heavily:: I'm just worried about my patients. They've been though a woman's worse nightmare. I... ::She was interrupted by Miles' comm. badge.:: Turner: =/= Commander Turner to Lt. Unum... Report.=/= Unum: =/= Commander, the seven women are being treated, and it appears that pirates were involved in their kidnappings. =/= Turner: =/= Keep me informed and relay any information Dr Deron or our Counselors have on how they did it to Lt. Petrov. He'll need to know to be on alert. I'm sending him to the Starbase. =/= Unum: =/= Yes, ma'am. =/= Turner: =/= Good man. Turner out =/= Unum: ::looking at Talon:: I wish the women could tell us more. Lee: I don't think Dr. Aadi is pushing them either. Maybe Dr. Deron picked up something from them telepathically. Unum: Good idea. ::looking over toward Deron:: Looks like he's pretty busy with the other patients. ::squeezing Talon's hand:: I'm going to check in with the security officers, and then I need to go to the Bridge. Call me if you need anything. ::Miles smiled at Talon and walked over to the security officer he would leave in charge in Sickbay. Miles advised him to speak with Dr. Deron once the doctor was available to find out anything he learned from the patients and to relay the information to Miles. As Miles exited Sickbay, he activated his communicator as he headed toward the Bridge.:: Unum: =/= Unum to Petrov. =/= Petrov: =/= Response =/= Unum: =/= Ivan, all we've learned from the women brought over from the Romulan warbird was that pirates were likely involved in their kidnappings. The women are still being treated by the doctors, and some of them have been sedated. As soon as I have any additional information, I'll let you know. =/= Petrov: =/= Response =/= Tag/TBC LtJg. Miles Unum Chief of Security USS Resolution, NCC-78145