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Ensign Anora Manar, EO - "Hijacked" - An Away Mission, What Fun!

2009-10-21 00:32:00


(( USS Resolution: Main Engineering, Deck 7 )) Turner: =/= Bridge to Ensign Anora =/= Anora: =/= Anora here, Captain. What can I do for you? =/= Turner: =/= Meet Lt. Petrov in the Shuttle Bay stat, He'll explain when you get there. Be sure to inform LtCmdr Netal. =/= Anora: =/= Understood, ma'am. I'm forwarding you a report on my progress down here right now. I'll head to the shuttle bay as soon as it's sent out. =/= Turner: =/= Good, Turner out. =/= ::Anora turned to look at the Chief Engineer who she'd just been talking to as Commander Turner contacted her. Without actually saying anything, she looked at the Lieutenant Commander for acknowledgment that she'd heard Anora's orders. Quickly encoding a message, she forwarded it directly to the Resolution's Commanding Officer explaining what she'd done to the hidden subroutines.:: Anora: Anything you need me to do before setting out, Chief? Netal: response Anora: I'll try to hurry back. No promises though. ::Smiling, Anora gathered what she'd need and prepared a field toolkit to go with her on the mission. With a last glance around Engineering to make sure she wasn't forgetting anything important.:: (( USS Resolution: Shuttle Bay, Deck 4 )) ::Stepping into the shuttle bay, Anora spotted a small group gathering around one of the prepped shuttles and headed towards it. She hadn't met the ship's Infiltrations Specialist yet but assumed it was him standing around with the Boslic woman.:: oO Yay, my first real away mission. This'll be fun. Oo Anora: Ensign Anora reporting for duty, sir. Petrov/Hella: response TAG/TBC Ensign Anora Manar Engineering Officer USS Resolution, NCC-78145