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Lt. Cmdr. Aleana Netal, CEO - Engineering - Hijacked

2009-10-21 17:01:00


((Engineering)) Anora: ::whispering:: Chief Netal, I added a countermeasure to prevent the new subroutine from causing the shield malfunctions again. Instead it will alert Leonardo to the intrusion into the system so we can track it down. I know it's a long shot, but it's our only lead so far. Netal: Good idea but i guess whoever made the sabotage wont try the same thing twice. But it is always good to be prepared. Anora: Do you need my assistance with the re-alignments, sir? If not, I'd like to check the ship's other systems for possible intrusions. If there was one, there may have been others and we should find them before they are triggered. Netal: I can align them myself. You can try to check other systems for malfunctions. Anora: We might even be able to use them to help track down the saboteur. Netal: This is our second priority Anora. First we should make the ship fit. ::With this, she returned to her work of aligning the shiel emitters. It was a delicate job as she was making them manually:: Turner: =/= Turner to Netal =/= Netal: =/= Netal listening =/= Turner: =/= I know you are working as hard as you can, but we really need to get the our shields up and Resolution underway. Do you have any idea as to when we can do that?=/= Netal: =/= I am aligning the emitters myself. it would take another 15 mins, 10 maybe =/= Turner: =/= Bridge to Ensign Anora =/= Anora: =/= Anora here, Captain. What can I do for you? =/= Turner: =/= Meet Lt. Petrov in the Shuttle Bay stat, He'll explain when you get there. Be sure to inform LtCmdr Netal. =/= Anora: =/= Understood, ma'am. I'm forwarding you a report on my progress down here right now. I'll head to the shuttle bay as soon as it's sent out. =/= Turner: =/= Good, Turner out. =/= ::Anora turned to look at the Chief Engineer who she'd just been talking to as Commander Turner contacted her. Without actually saying anything, she looked at the Lieutenant Commander for acknowledgment that she'd heard Anora's orders. Quickly encoding a message, she forwarded it directly to the Resolution's Commanding Officer explaining what she'd done to the hidden subroutines.:: Anora: Anything you need me to do before setting out, Chief? Netal: Good luck Anora. Anora: I'll try to hurry back. No promises though. Netal: Stay safe. Engineering is boring when i work alone. ::Aleana watched her leave and went back to work. After a couple of minutes:: Netal: =/= Captain. Shields are back online. Chargin up now=/= Turner: =/= Response=/= Lt. Cmdr. Aleana Netal CEO USS Resolution