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Ensign Karen Strong: Doggy Discourse

2020-04-24 11:14:06


((USS Eagle, Deck 5, Sickbay))

Karen smiled at Mandy as she acquainted herself with Siegfried and Roland.
From their carriers, they sniffed at her and made Roland little whining
noises. Siegfried held out a paw to Mandy.

Waters: Her name is Mandy. She is almost two.

Strong: Can Mandy climb up onto a biobed herself, or does she need help?

Karen returned Chloe's smile. The dogs were a great way to break the ice.
She had felt a pull towards the other woman that she had not been able to
explain or understand since the first awards ceremony. It was not a romantic
pull; Karen was attracted to men, but it was emotional. This had been the
first chance they had really had to talk.

Chloe made a flicking gesture toward the nearest biobed, then patted it.

Waters: Mandy, come here. Up.

Mandy obeyed and looked curiously at the two humans and the two carriers.
Roland and Siegfried could smell her, but not see her from their vantage
points. Siegfried decided to go to sleep. Roland focused on the humans.

Strong: And how have you been feeling lately? Any aches, pains or problems
not mentioned in your medical file?

Chloe looked at Karen sideways for a second, then at Mandy, then shook her

Waters: I have no complaints at this time. Things have... changed, that is

Strong: Changed how?

Waters: This crown ::tipping her head:: is a replacement for my translator,
which failed recently.

She tapped her lip, where her original translator was. Karen remembered
seeing her medical file; the crown was not in it.

Strong: So the crown is an update to your translator. Does that mean you no
longer need the unit in your lip?


Ensign Karen Strong

Medical Officer

USS Eagle, NCC-74659


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