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2020-04-24 10:31:26


(( Bridge, Deck 1, USS Juneau))

Nicholotti: Welcome aboard Lieutenant. Medical officer?

Indobri: Yes, ma'am. Medical. I had four years at The Rodulan Schoo=
l of
Medicine followed by Starfleet Medical and another four years at Starfleet
Medical Academy. That last, was just to ensure my knowledge-base and skills
were up to date with Starfleet requirements and training.

R'rraww had been looking over the tactical displays at the station on the
bridge when the turbo lift doors whispered open. She walked into the bridge
space in a medical colored tunic. All black eyes, that matched her sable
hair. He felt a strange attraction to her, an attraction and a repulsion at
the same time. His mind was clouded as he looked up at her, then noticed
that a few of the other bridge crew noticed her entrance also. oO ..his is
my firsssttt starrhippp asschinment Oo

Nicholotti: Well, it seems everything is in order. Looks like you'r=
e just
getting your feet wet, galactically speaking.

Indobri: Yes, Captain, this is my first starship assignment

Nicholotti: There are a lot of new officers here. Feel free to get

Indobri: Thank you, ma'am

Hontr=C3=BA: oO What was that in my .. ooiing to need to ggget to knowww ea=
ch of
thehumm schoon. Oo

The Marine Lieutenant walked in the opposite direction of the Medical
Officer. His tail was twitching like an ice pick poking a block of ice. He
was nervous, what a time he was having with Medical Personal these days.

Wyss: Fleet Captain-Ambassador-Ma'am, since we have a lovely, capa=
medical officer on deck would you feel comfortable pushing the engines to a
higher degree agitation so that, perhaps the engineering department might
have the opportunity to examine the overall efficiency and function of said
engines working at peak levels? Strictly for engineering purposes only, of

oO What is this all about?? Oo The sound was like words going over the surf
at a beach at the Marin Headlands near the Academy. A sound as the words
were swooshing between his ears. It wasn't unpleasant or painful, just
weird words in his head.

Nicholotti: I do believe we will have a chance to fully put her through her
paces once we have the rest of the crew aboard.

There was a warm feeling in his mind and he wanted to "smile" but he
couldn't do that, Ciatain's had no facial muscles to make such a face.
There was the sound of laughter in that new place in his mind, like the
tinkle of a glass windchime he had once heard somewhere..

Any: Response

Wyss: Yes, Ma'am. ::pause:: It would be a serious grievance for us=
to have
all the fun.

Now that nice feeling was directed at Wyss! His tail began to swish in a
fanning motion at the thought of Ensign Wyss! Not that he didn't like his
new crewmates but right now his thought was that he should like to know who
she really was, that she would make a good friend. Humm?!

Nicholotti: We'll bump up the speed a bit, but we're saving=
the best for
when we get a proper introduction to the full Juneau crew.

As much "fun" as it would be to watch the ship move faster in the wormhole
generated by the Juneau's powerful new engines, he wanted to leave the
bridge=E2=80=A6 but R'rraww didn't want to go, he wanted to study the Tacti=
Station further.

Eiris: If you say so Sir. I might go wait this out below decks, let me
know if we get boarded, we explode.

Hontr=C3=BA: I'll go with - no I mean I'd like to stay here Sir! oO ...Ike =
goo seck uoot www-hear I wwwill be urking.. Oo

Hankow: ::turning to the Captain-Ambassador:: Do you mind if I also take my
leave, Ambassador?

Indobri: Yes, with all due respect, ma'am. I would like to go check=
where I will be working for the duration.

Nicholotti: I'll stand watch until we arrive. You are welcome to re=
main if
you wish, or you can explore your new home.

Hankow: Thank you, Ambassador.

Indobri: Thank you.

Hontr=C3=BA: Thank you, Ssir.

R'rraww wasn't going to say anything, he was glad he hadn't made a scene,
but the voice sounded like=E2=80=A6. Hers! He looked at Dr. Indobri with la=
amber eyes and pinned back his ears in surprise. Was he hearing her
thoughts? As if in answer to his question. oO Uunderttooud, ma'am oO
sounded like a swoosh in his head.

Nicholotti: We arrive pretty early in the morning at our new speed. Don=E2=
forget to get some rest.

Hankow: Will do Ambassador. See you tomorrow.

Indobri: Understood, ma'am.

Wyss: I think we're alone now. Doesn't seem to be anyone a=

The ship didn't seem to be moving any faster under his feet, but his
thoughts were swimming! What did it mean, a new Medical Officer and her
voice in his head!? Maybe Dr. Indobri was the only person he should talk to
about it, as a Doctor she would be able to tell him what was going on one
way or another.

Nicholotti / Any:?


Second Lieutenant R'rraww Hontr=C3=BA
Marine Officer USS Juneau NX-99801
SB118-ID#: E239605RH0

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