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Ensign Karen Strong: Changes

2020-04-24 11:57:48


((USS Eagle, Deck 3, Room 318, the day of the Juneau's arrival))

Karen woke that day feeling anxious and excited, the same way she felt
before a big exam in Starfleet academy, or High School. oO Oh yeah, the
Juneau. Oo They were all being transferred today. She wondered what would
become of the Eagle.

She packed her few things, glad she hadn't had much time to turn her
quarters into a home, and put Siegfried and Roland in their carriers. Roland
gave her a reproachful look, but licked her hand when she put his favorite
toy, a stuffed duck, in there with him. He began to chew it immediately.
Siegfried watcher to see what she would do, holding his favorite toy, his
Nyla bone, between his paws.

She picked up the carriers and headed for the turbolifts. She had one more
thing to check before the transfer. She was probably obsessing, but she had
no intention of leaving the Eagle until she made absolutely sure.

((A short time skip, Deck 5, Sickbay))

It was odd to see a completely empty Sickbay. Karen had never expected to
see one in her life. Every surface was bare and shiny; no injectors,
medicines, vials, patients. It gave her a feeling disconcerting of
desertion, even though she knew it was supposed to be deserted. Still, she
went through everything, drawers, desks, cabinets, to make sure nothing was
left. Once she was satisfied, she tapped her comm badge. All her personal
belongings were with her and everything from Sickbay had already been
transported over, so there was no further need for delay. She smiled at a
job well done. Time to start the new adventure.

Strong: =/\= Doctor Strong to the Bridge. =\/=

She blinked, startled. When had she had stopped thinking of herself as an
Ensign and started thinking of herself as a doctor?

Bridge: =/\= response =\/=

Strong: =/\= Sickbay is empty and I'm ready to transport over to the Juneau.

Bridge: =/\= response =\/=


Ensign Karen Strong

Medical Officer

USS Eagle, NCC-74659


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