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Lieutenant JG Melody Delri\'ise - So Soon?

2020-04-24 16:14:09


((Officers Mess, Deck 2, USS Eagle))

What a journey this had been, who'd have thought that after moving =
to yet another ship, the scenery would once again shift. From the greying, =
cramped halls of an Intrepid Class all the way to a shiny new Juneau Class.=
There was always a certain charm older ships had, be it a rusting old Cons=
titution Class, wasting away near the Cardassian border, or a ship that was=
only four years younger than she was. In a way, it was comforting to be wi=
thin the bulkheads of a ship that'd seen the worst and best the gal=
axy had to offer. Now that Melody was finally moving on to a ship that had =
been barely old enough to scratch the first layers of it's paint jo=
b =E2=80=94 she didn't know what to feel.

The mess hall was=E2=80=A6 well the mess hall. The chatter of patrons, the =
clanging of glass and silverware. It was the one place on any ship that nev=
er changed in her eyes. Melody found the restless atmosphere somewhat comfo=
rting in times of uncertainty. It was ironic, really, seeing as she saw the=
place as a nuisance to her sensitive hearing at first, but now, it never f=
elt quite right without the familiar loudness.

Melody sat once again at a seemingly empty table, her elbows resting agains=
t the polished table and her chin sitting in the well formed by her palms. =
She rocked her head back and forth almost childishly, singing to herself an=
Argelian piece she picked up rather recently. The words sounded ancient to=
the untrained ear, almost as if one were speaking some kind of dark incant=
ation. Three other seats sat empty, Melody looked almost expectant to meet =
somebody here.

Happy to finally be free of her uniform for once, Melody swapped out the go=
ld collar for an edwardian looking blouse /2714/9310/products/Janie_Bryant_For_Unique_Vintage_1960s_Style_Cream_Chiff=
024.jpg?v=3D1520752403>, embellished with a few bows and a sapphire brooch =
in the shape of a quaver. She enjoyed the comfort of a loosened black penci=
l skirt and a pair of the cabaret shoes she grew so fond of wearing. Of cou=
rse, Melody never forgot to keep her gloves and her commbadge on her at all=

As a familiar face strided through the large doors of the mess hall, Melody=
felt a beaming smile creep upon her face.

Levinson: Melody. I see you saved a seat for me.

Delri'ise: ::chuckling:: I saved three for you, if you wanna get te=
chnical, Noa. Are you doin' well? You looked a little worse for wea=
r when I saw you last.

Melody frowned somewhat. After that away mission, anyone would be exhausted=
. She didn't blame the science officer, but in some ways it was a l=
ittle expected. Away missions can take a lot out of a person, but one suppo=
sed you got used to it after a little while. Melody hoped Noa was recoverin=
g okay. Maybe the Juneau would speed up the recovery a little.

Levinson: Of course I am. I am aware I do not show it much, but I do. Real=
ly. ::beat:: But what about you?

Delri'ise: Oh me? I'm doin' fine, PADD work an=E2=
=80=99 all that really. It ain't much, but I still got a few post c=
ombat reports to finish up. Anyways, now that that's outta'=
the way, whaddaya' think about our new assignments?! I'm e=
xcited to finally get all up in one o' those state-of-the-art ships=

She chuckled somewhat. Melody fluttered her hands almost frantically at Noa=
. It may be a change of scenery, but at least this time the crew wouldn=E2=
=80=99t be getting fragmented all over the fleet. Seeing Noa made Melody gi=
ddy about the idea of a brand new ship, almost suddenly zoning out all the =
negatives of a changing scenery. Thinking of all the new gadgets they=E2=80=
=99ll get to play with, especially on a ship that's average cruisin=
g speed was warp twelve. The engineering team will have a field day with it=

Before anyone could respond, a newcomer approached the table

Any: Response

Levinson: Of course, if it is alright with Lieutenant Delri'ise her=

With an almost unnatural shift in her demeanour, her accent shifted to some=
thing a little more professional.

Delri'ise: That's perfectly all right! We got room to spare=

Any: Response

Delri'ise: Hey, with the Juneau arrivin', we'll hav=
e front row seats, after all. When's it scheduled to arrive anyway,=
Ensign? ::turning to Noa::

Levinson/Any: Response?

Delri'ise: So soon? Damn- I mean, ::pausing:: goodness, they weren=
't jokin' when they said she was fast.



Lieutenant JG Melody Delri'ise


Tactical Officer + Graphics Coordinator


USS Eagle/USS Juneau




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