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Lieutenant Junior Grade Chloe Waters: Getting to Know You

2020-04-24 18:45:09


OOC: Changing one of my lines slightly since it doesn't seem too clear what=
I'm referring to when I look back on it.))


((Eagle's Nest, Deck 2 -- U.S.S Eagle))

Chloe sat down at the table and considered the assortment of items Melody h=
ad in front of her. Her food seemed, as yet, untouched. Had she not been he=
re too long, then? Or had the tactical officer been... distracted?

Waters: A good breakfast.

Delri'ise: Well, it most certainly gets me moving in the mornings. Would yo=
u like to quickly grab a-

Delri'ise's words came to a sudden halt and Chloe was about to ask if there=
was something wrong when the reason became rather apparent. Mandy was look=
ing atht ehtactical officer with a curious canine gaze. A gaze which seemed=
to be returned until Melody was able to tare her eyes away. She pulled a p=
air of gloves out and slipped her hands into them.

Waters: Do not worry, she is well-trained. Mandy will not try to take your =
food from you. ::patting the dog's head:: You can pet her, if you like.

Delri'ise: No no, it's fine. Although, dogs aboard a starship? To b=
e fair, we've all seen weirder things.

The tactical officer visibly shuttered and Chloe nodded in response. That, =
they had. Chloe had seen plenty of things she'd never thought possible befo=
re joining Starfleet. Some were wondrous in their implications, while other=
s were the stuff of nightmares.

Waters: What is your name?

Delri'ise: I'm Melody, and you are?

Waters: Chloe Waters, helmswoman. ::beat:: And in all likeliness, the short=
est crew member aboard.

Delri'ise: Well, either way, I'm pleased to make your acqua=
intance finally.

Melody extended her hand and Mandy, mistaking the gesture, gave it a curiou=
s sniff. Chloe shook her head slightly at the well behaved dog as she notic=
ed Melody's hand trembling slightly.

Waters: Easy there, Mandy. I do not think she is comfortable with you yet. =
Lie down.

The dog did so as Chloe reached out her hand in return, shaking it softly. =
She met Melody's gaze for a moment, her own eyes warmer than usual, thanks =
to the mental exercise she was engaged in. For a moment, though, she let th=
e illusion drop. This wasn't Gavin. This was a different person entirely. O=
ne who, in some strange way, seemed as out of her depths as Chloe once felt=
. She released the hand from its gentle shake and offered Melody another sm=

Waters: It is good to meet you.

Delri'ise: Response

Chloe stared out the window for a moment before speaking again.

Waters: Are you settling in well?

Delri'ise: Response

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Lieutenant JG Chloe Waters


USS Eagle, NCC-74659

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