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Marine Captain Kos Eiris: Reluctant Plans

2020-04-24 19:26:08


(( Clanhouse, Deck 10, USS Juneau ))

This early in the morning there was no one in the lounge. The wooden
siding and the detail work a distinct contrast to the rest of the ship,
apparently, an homage to the area of Earth the Juneau was named after. The
centerpiece of the lounge was a large statue carved from wood with what
could be many animals sitting atop each other.

The deck plates were given over to a medium stained wood, as were the walls
and the highlights of the furniture and bar. The bar was shiny and the
colors highlighted were reds and blacks. It was a natural oasis in an
otherwise streamlined and flow of metal.

That said, the observation windows from the rest of the deck were carried
through to the front of providing that unbroken view the rest of the
Observation Deck had. It was a nice touch and made the entire room seem at
least partially outdoors. It could stand to do with a bit colder, but at
least it was outdoors a bit.

He had finished his morning workout and was now watching as the ship began
its slowdown through the system, such as it was. Finishing off his citrus
drink, he realized there was very little in the way of the natural dust and
rocks he would have expected to see.

(( Bridge, Deck 1, USS Juneau ))

On his way to the bridge, the Juneau and the Eagle had begun their normal
handshakes and exchanges of information - the little things starships did
when they were friendly, like deliver the mail and notices. His PADD
beeped as he had set it to. He had served with then Lt. Commander Oddas
when she had been promoted to XO of the Embassy, this was sort of a
homecoming for him and he was interested to see what it would be like to be
around the awkward young woman again.

His CO had given her a lot of flak, undeservedly he though, for wanting to
explore options other than firing first - for realizing sometimes the ship
and crew was maybe expendable. It was a like Kos has signed up for, he
suspected Oddas had agreed with, and an attitude maybe others found

It was the general orders he had expected, including an extension shore
leave on something called the Nivian Ring, which evidently promised quite a
bit of variety when it came to locations. There were notes of a group
going out on a camping trip, which he was on the fence about, mostly
because he liked his bed and got enough sleeping outdoors on most missions.

oO Not to mention the thought of a Marine crashing a camping trip right of
the bat might be bad optics. Oo

The next thing on the list was a description of a trip, with the Captain,
to an abandoned City on a remote continent. That seemed more in line with
what he knew of the woman.

He stepped onto the bridge at just the right moment.

Nicholotti: We're here.

He slipped his PADD into his pocket and strode towards the middle of the
bridge, taking a place near the CO and tried to make sense of what he was

Wyss: That's=E2=80=A6

It seemed he wasn't the only one. From their vantage point they could see
a large structure curving away from them, pinching into the distance,
massive if you expanded the word to mean 'millions of times the size of a
planet'. The only true way for the eye to make sense of it was by
comparing it to the other starships near the edge, parked, one of which was
the Eagle and he at least had some way to compare the size of the two

He blew out his cheeks. The ship looked as if it was over a planet, making
the messages and reports from the Eagle make sense.

Eiris: D'm.

Indobri/Hontr=C3=BA: Response

Nicholotti: Welcome to the ringworld. Apparently it's a recently discovered
planet with a variety of climates and variants that we've been approved to
take leave on. Some of the Eagle's officers are planning a retreat camping
trip and have invited any who wish to meet them.

Hankow: That sounds like fun.

Wyss: On the ringworld? Heck, yeah.

Eiris: I haven't quite decided yet, it might be good to get outside for a
bit, there could be some other interesting places to visit too.

Kos's antennae leaned forward as if they could sniff out the mysteries of
the ring from where they were. He shifted his body weight from side to
side as if weighing the decision.

Indobri/Hontr=C3=BA: Response

Nicholotti: We can transport you over the Eagle if you are interested.

Hankow: I will have to decline unfortunately. I have a few more things to
do on the ship.

Kos felt his PADD buzz yet again and pull it to glance at the message. He
read it, re-read it, and suppressed the chuckle. It seemed Kingsley was
going to be joining the Captain on her sojourn. It would be one more thing
to rib the young Warrant Officer about.

Wyss: Don't make me go alone, because I will.

Eiris: We wouldn't want that, I'll go along, someone has to warn them about
wayward Ensigns.

oO And it's helpful to see who is out there. Oo

Indobri/Hontr=C3=BA: Response

Nicholotti: Response

Hontr=C3=BA: We should probably go pack a bag, Sir.

Wyss: Response

oO And a first aid kit, and a phaser, and a tent .... At least you get into
civi's for a few days. Oo

Others: Response

Eiris: Transporter Pad, 15 minutes?

Nicholotti/Others: Response


*Marine Captain Kos Eiris*
Marine CO
USS Juneau

simmed by

*Captain Oddas Aria*
Commanding Officer
USS Eagle, NCC-74659
ASDB Co-Facilitator / Academy Deputy Commandant / Captains Council

*One man's 'magic' is another man's engineering*. -Robert Heinlein


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