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Ensign John Hankow - Shore leave begins.

2020-04-24 21:28:42


((Turbolift, USS Juneau))

The USS Juneau had just rendezvoused with the soon to be decommissioned USS
Eagle. The crew of the Eagle were enjoying a camping trip on a newly
discovered planet nearby. The ringworld, it's called=E2=80=A6 A planet cont=
various climates and biomes, all of which Hankow wouldn't have the chance
to visit.

The turbolift hummed it's way up to the seventh deck. Hankow had a meeting
with the doctor. A Rodulan female he had briefly met before and that had
treated him quite nicely.

((Deck 7, USS Juneau))

The turbo lift halted and opened its doors.
The medical decks were now somewhat familiar to the counselor, as his suite
was on the same level.

After a bit of walking Hankow arrived at Sickbay, ready for his physical.

((Deck 7, Sickbay, USS Juneau))

The Sickbay doors wooshed open and Hankow entered slowly, rapidly moving
his eyeballs in search for the doctor.

Indobri: Response

Hankow: Hello there doctor. For a second I didn't think you were in here.

Indobri: Response

For a moment Hankow had forgotten the reason he was in Sickbay. He mainly
wanted to visit the doctor because of how nice she had been to him

Hankow: I'm here for my physical.

He remembered.

Indobri: Response


Ensign John Hankow
USS Eagle

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