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LTCmrd. Quentin Collins - Priority Mail

2020-04-25 02:53:12


*((Interior. U.S.S Eagle, Deck 2 Corridor. The Day of the Juneau's

Quentin Collins was still a bit out of sorts.

Most of his packing had been done, the results of which were several packed
to bursting footlockers and transport crates currently taking up most of
the living space of his quarters. Most of his civilian clothes, dress
uniform, and spare duty uniform had also been squared away. He chose today
to wear his regular in rotation uniform, but with the slight modification
of an open jacket, revealing the tunic underneath. That also gave him a
sense of grounding amid the excitement and uncertainty of the new ship.

But it was that same uncertainty that made him slightly cautious and
scattered today. Quarter's assignments still hadn't come now, nor had
official word of his being Chief Science Officer of the *Juneau*. He was
sure it was just a formality, but the lack of any real official word caused
a slight panic in the officer. It was the not knowing that really did his
head in.

So, that led him to where he was now, marching with intention toward the
Officer's Mess. He was hoping a few dozen cups of tea would fever his mind
in a different way than it already was. As he crossed the threshold of the
compartment, he saw that it was a'buzz. More than usual. Though not exactly
crowded, it seemed like a great number of the rank and file were scrambling
to get their first looks at the new ship and Quentin couldn't, wouldn't
blame them for it.

As the bodies parted, he saw an unoccupied replicator. He crossed quickly
to it and keyed in his access code. The smallish compartment lit up
awaiting his order.

*Collins:* Black tea, hot. Heavy milk and sugar, please.

After a few seconds, a steaming mug sat in the window. He picked it up
gingerly and took a cautious sip of the sweet, scalding liquid. Its warmth
traveled through his chest as he scanned the rest of the room. Noa and
Melody Delri'ise occupied a corner table. He decided to try and join them,
if only just to redirect his nervous energy. He walked over to them, taking
a longer drink of his tea, savoring its heat once more.

He stopped a few feet from the table.

*Collins: *Room for another, ladies?

Both Noa and Melody regarded him warmly, which he reciprocated with his own
smile as he cradled his tea.

*Levinson:* Of course, if it is alright with Lieutenant Delri'ise h=

Melody's voice and demeanor shifted a bit, but not unfavorably. More in a
sort of...resetting of a sort. A repositioning of her poise. Quentin got
the sense that appearances were important to her. Not in a vain, or
self-serving way but more in a fortifying way. As if the very way she
carried herself was a sort of armor.

*oO She would have a lot in common with Sara. Oo* he thought wistfully,
suddenly painfully aware of how much he missed his sister and younger
brother. Melody's voice pulled him back from his saddening recollections.

*Delri'ise:* That's perfectly all right! We got room to spa=

He started to pull out a chair to deposit himself into it. As he sat, he
placed his mug down allowing it a few moments to cool before he finished it
and got another.

*Collins:* I appreciate it. I'm all a'flutter about the new ship. I didn't
think I should just pace around alone.

*Any: Response*

*Delri'ise: *Hey, with the *Juneau* arrivin', we'll=
have front row seats,
after all. When's it scheduled to arrive anyway, Ensign? ::turning =
to Noa::

Quentin also realized that he wasn't sure on the timing either. He knew
today was the day, but the actual hour eluded him. They both turned to Noa
as she started to speak.

*Levinson/Any: Response*

*Delri'ise: *So soon? Damn- I mean, ::pausing:: goodness, they wer=
jokin' when they said she was fast.

He snorted a bit, picking up his mug to finish its contents.

*Collins:* Captain Oddas made sure of it.

*Levinson/Delri'ise/ANY: RESPONSE*

*Collins:* From what I can glean from the specs, much of her was The
Captain's design. I mean, I'm sure the Engineering Corps helped a bit, but
us shore people tend to print the legend when it comes to our Captains.

Quentin swirled the dregs of his tea around the bottom of his mug and
decided that he needed at least three more before he left the Mess. He cast
his eyes upward again.

*Collins:* I seem to have gone dry. Can I get either of you something?

*Levinson/Delri'ise: RESPONSE*

He touched his right fore knuckle to his forehead and started to stand. He
honestly didn't understand WHY he enjoyed doing this for people, but it
never once stood in the way of him doing it. But as he rose, he turned
directly into the barrel chest of Crewman Jorus. They two "oofmped"
slightly and then separated. Jorus' worrying hands started to pat him down
along with a thousand "I'm so sorry, Chiefs", checking him for damage but
really just pestering Quentin as he tried to raise his own hands in defence
against the nebbish,but well meaning Bolian.

Finally his subordinate steadied himself, tapping his fingers now across
what looked like a PADD.

*Jorus: *I am so terribly sorry, Chief. ::he turned his eyes toward Noa and
Melody:: Sirs, also there. I, uh, don't know...your names, I'm SO sorry. I
d-didn't mean to interrupt.

Quentin rose his hand and placed a placating hand on the man's shoulder.

*Collins:* Not at all, Mister Jorus. We were just milling about, what can I
do for you?

Jorus thrust the PADD into Quentin's hands, which was asking for his
biometric imprint.

*Jorus*: A tight beam communique from the *Juneau's* Quartermaster. It
didn't say Eyes Only, but I didn't want to keep it waiting.

Quentin slid his thumb into the interface reader and then quickly tapped in
his serial number. A bemused "huh" escaped his lips.

*Levinson/Delri'ise: RESPONSE*

*Collins: *I apparently have a...package waiting on me aboard the *Juneau*?
How terribly random...








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