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Lieutenant Karise Indobri: A Breathtaking Sight

2020-04-25 05:26:52


(( Personal Quarters, Deck 4, USS Juneau, Morning of arrival ))

Despite her predictions that she wouldn't be able to sleep, the adr=
surge had worn off and left her so physically drained that she had
virtually crashed when she had returned to her quarters. She hadn't=
taken the time to unpack, which was saying something for the normally very
fastidious Rodulan. She had woken the next morning and had taken the time
to eat and clean up, put on a fresh uniform, before she received a message
from the bridge which came in just as she was finishing brushing her hair.

Nicholotti: =3D/\=3D Bridge to Hankow, Wyss, Indobri, Hontru, Eiris =3D/\=

Karise was about to answer when she heard John's voice respond.

Hankow: =3D/\=3D Hankow here =3D/\=3D

Indobri: =3D/\=3D This is Doctor Indobri =3D/\=3D

Wyss / Hontr=C3=BA / Eiris: Responses?

Nicholotti: =3D/\=3D We are arriving at our destination now if any would li=
to see it from the bridge. =3D/\=3D

Hankow: =3D/\=3D On my way Ambassador =3D/\=3D

Indobri: =3D/\=3D I wouldn't miss it for anything, ma'am. I=
will be right up.
Indobri out. =3D/\=3D

She very carefully put her brush down on the vanity, being certain to place
it in its proper spot, double checked her hair and turned, satisfied, and
headed for the bridge

(( A few minutes later - Bridge ))

As fast as Karise had thought she had been getting to the Bridge, John had
beaten her and was already seated in the seat next to the

Hankow: How long until we arrive?

The woman didn't look at him but merely gestured at the main viewer=
. Karise
had to fight the urge to hold her breath at the sight. It was amazing to
behold for someone like her who had so rarely been in space.

Nicholotti: We're here.

Wyss: That's=E2=80=A6

Hontr=C3=BA: Response

Eiris: D'm.

Indobri: :: slightly above a whisper, in awe :: Sweet Artist, that is

Nicholotti: Welcome to the ringworld. Apparently it's a recently discovered
planet with a variety of climates and variants that we've been approved to
take leave on. Some of the Eagle's officers are planning a retreat camping
trip and have invited any who wish to meet them.

Hankow: That sounds like fun.

Wyss: On the ringworld? Heck, yeah.

Eiris: I haven't quite decided yet, it might be good to get outside for a
bit, there could be some other interesting places to visit too.

Hontr=C3=BA: Response

Indobri: I think that would be a lovely way to meet my new shipmates.

Nicholotti: We can transport you over the Eagle if you are interested.

Hankow: I will have to decline unfortunately. I have a few more things to
do on the ship.

Karise watched as the red-headed Counselor made his way off the Bridge,
then had her attention brought back as the Engineer oO Nyla? Nike? Nyka! Oo
began to speak.

Wyss: Don't make me go alone, because I will.

Eiris: We wouldn't want that, I'll go along, someone has to warn them about
wayward Ensigns.

Indobri: Oh, I would absolutely love to go. I should get a few things
together first, though, if I am going to go camping. Just how low-tech are
they going?

Hontr=C3=BA: We should probably go pack a bag, Sir.

Wyss: Response

Karise chuckled and caught herself quickly as she picked up a stray thought
of someone running down a checklist of things to bring.

Others: Response

Eiris: Transporter Pad, 15 minutes?

Indobri: That might be pushing it a bit, sir, but I will do my best to be

Nicholotti / Others: Response

((TAGS: Nicholotti, Wyss, Hontr=C3=BA, Eiris, Others ))

*Lieutenant Karise Indobri*
*Medical Officer*
*USS Juneau NX-99801*

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