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Lieutenant Karise Indobri: First Patient

2020-04-25 05:26:49


(( Main Medical, Deck 7, USS Juneau, en route to rendezvous with USS Eagle

Karise had finished touring all the various medical facilities on this
deck. There was still a secondary sickbay down on deck 20, but she felt
that could wait a little longer. She had to admit this ship was impressive
for a doctor to serve on. Main Medical with all its state of the art
technology, an ICU, a surgical suite, Critical Care, Pathology Lab and
Biohazard Support, and the Morgue. All things one would expect from a full
hospital, which was not common on a starship. At least, not one that wasn=
designated as a hospital ship. Yes, Karise was certain she was going to
enjoy working here.

As far as she could tell, right now she was the most senior medical officer
on board. A fact that disturbed her a bit. After all, she had received
years of medical school and had been an intern, but she had never had
actual field experience, much less been the senior most medical staffer
present. However, there was a small part of her that was intrigued by the
idea and she found herself sitting in the CMO's chair...just to try=
it out
and see how comfortable it was. She was sitting idle twisting a lock of her
dark blue hair and pondering her recent changes and how she felt about them
when the doors whooshed open. Startled, considering the ship was so short
staffed she hadn't expected anyone to come in, she jumped up from t=
he chair
worried the Captain-Ambassador had come to check on her and found her
sitting in a chair she had yet to earn. It turned out she needn't h=
worried as it was the new Counselor.

oO Maybe he finally found something to talk about Oo she joked to herself.

Indobri: Counselor. Welcome, come on in.

Hankow: Hello there doctor. For a second I didn't think you were in here.

Indobri: Oh, this place is so fascinating I can hardly bring myself to
leave it. Though I really should get to my quarters and try to rest like
the Captain ordered. What about you, what brings you to this part of the

Hankow: I'm here for my physical.

Indobri: Oh, I see. Of course. I haven't even had mine yet. My orde=
rs said
to report to an Ensign Strong, but apparently she's part of the Eag=
le crew
and won't be onboard until we get there. But yes, I do believe I ca=
n take
care of yours.

She gestured to a biobed as she went to retrieve a medical tricorder. It
took her a moment to remember where she had seen them, but she found one
soon enough and returned with it. She stopped at the terminal and called up
the man's medical records and reviewed them, making note of any hig=
but pleased to find there were none.

oO Well, first patient. Should be easy enough. Oo

Indobri: Well, this seems fairly routine. Nothing of note in your medical
records. :: she began to scan him with the tricorder and synchronously
download the data to the medical database for further analysis. :: Are you
experiencing any kind of unusual symptoms right now? Anything out of the
ordinary? Even the smallest thing could be important.

Hankow: Response

Indobri: Oh, that's good. I wasn't really expecting there t=
o be, but I have
to ask, you understand.

Hankow: Response

The scans showed him to be in perfect health, but she still needed to
review the data and do a comparative analysis with the physical he should
have received after graduating from the Academy. While she was waiting for
the results, she decided a little light conversation would help keep things
less tense and formal.

Indobri: So, I know we haven't been here long, but how are you find=
things so far? This is such a remarkable opportunity for me.

Hankow: Response

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*Lieutenant Karise Indobri*
*Medical Officer*
*USS Juneau NX-99801*

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