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Lieutenant Karise Indobri: A Speechless Counselor?

2020-04-25 05:26:45


(( Turbolift, en route to Deck 7, USS Juneau, en route to rendezvous with
USS Eagle ))

She stepped into the turbolift as the doors closed and the man requested
the very deck she was going to. Made sense to her, since he was wearing a
teal uniform as well. She assumed he must be a medical officer of some kind
as well.

Hankow: Deck seven.

As the lift began to move, she decided now was as good a time as any to
introduce herself. She turned so she could meet his eyes as she began to

Indobri: Hello, Karise Indobri. Doctor, as you no doubt heard. And you are?

Hankow: John Hankow, ships counselor. I think we will be getting along
quite well. ::He lowered his voice.:: I hope so at least=E2=80=A6

Karise could tell he was having difficulties coming up with something to
talk about and found it somewhat fascinating.

oO Never met a Counselor who couldn't find something to say before.=
interesting. I think this is going to be a very interesting crew I am
serving with. I wonder what everyone else is like. Oo

Hankow: It was lovely meeting you. ::He grinned:: please come by my suite
if you need anything.

Indobri: I'll be sure to do that, Counselor. NIce to meet you as we=

As they stepped off the turbolift, John turned and headed for the
Counselor's Suite. She turned the opposite direction, headed for Ma=
Medical. She wanted to take a tour of all the facilities, but that seemed
to be the most logical place to start.


*Lieutenant Karise Indobri*
*Medical Officer*
*USS Juneau NX-99801*

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