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Ensign John Hankow - Hope for a friend

2020-04-25 10:27:15


((Deck 7, Sickbay, USS Juneau))

Hankow: I'm here for my physical.

He remembered.

Indobri: Oh, I see. Of course. I haven't even had mine yet. My orde=
rs said
to report to an Ensign Strong, but apparently she's part of the Eag=
le crew
and won't be onboard until we get there. But yes, I do believe I ca=
n take
care of yours.

Hankow headed to the biobed after being gestured to do so by the doctor.
She returned with a tricorder and began.

Indobri: Well, this seems fairly routine. Nothing of note in your medical
records. :: she began to scan him with the tricorder and synchronously
download the data to the medical database for further analysis. :: Are you
experiencing any kind of unusual symptoms right now? Anything out of the
ordinary? Even the smallest thing could be important.

Hankow: Thankfully I feel great doctor.

Indobri: Oh, that's good. I wasn't really expecting there t=
o be, but I have
to ask, you understand.

Hankow: Yes, of course.

The counselor awaited his results. His mind wandered into a trance as he
sat up on the biobed.

Indobri: So, I know we haven't been here long, but how are you find=
things so far? This is such a remarkable opportunity for me.

Hankow: I've had quite the experience so far. ::He paused, preparing to
list everything:: I've spent many hours in my beautiful counseling suite,
I've had a not so nice conversation with a Caitain and=E2=80=A6 that's it.

Hankow wanted to get to know the doctor. The fact that they would be
spending a lot of their time on the same deck was the main reason. A
potential friendship with a colleague was something Hankow had dreamt of.

Hankow: Excited to meet the rest of the crew?

Indobri: Response

Hankow: I absolutely agree with you.

Hankow seemed to feel the urge to ask more questions, wanting to better
understand the doctor and her views. He was worried however that he would
be intruding too much, so he didn't ask anything personal.

Hankow: Are you thinking of heading down to the ringworld?

Indobri: Response

Ensign John Hankow
USS Eagle

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