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Captain Oddas Aria: Watching the Future Towards the Past

2020-04-25 15:53:27


(( Shuttlebay 1, Deck 10, USS Eagle ))

Oddas: Let's get secured so we can take off soon.

The last person to walk up the gangplank of the *Besra *was a familiar one,
reminding her of a day-long ago she sometimes tried to forget - but fitting
it was a day she was making another huge transition. It was the day Aria
had moved from Engineering to Command, from Chief Engineer to Executive
Officer, the day one of the Marines under her command had decided the
planet the Federation was a guest on needed a demonstration of the might of
Starfleet and had bombed one of their cities from orbit.

The fact her newly installed arm had decided to begin to act up just as the
natives had begun rioting that day - it had not been an easy day, but one
of the few bright spots had been linking up with a Rapid Response Team,
including Chief Warrant Officer Gwen Kingsley.

Now, the WO was standing in front of her in a smart set of civilian
clothing, probably the only time she had seen the woman out of her in her
Marine Uniform or armor, smiling widely. Aria was struck by the
similarities to her own attire, whereas Aria was in a red shirt, Gwen in a
grey, Aria in a leather highlighted jacket, Gwen in some sort of soft
fabric, both in loose pocketed pants and sensible shoes.

Seeing her again made Aria feel as if she was completing some sort of
circle seeing as it meant the Juneau, her new command, was in range and
there was yet another chapter in her life starting.

Kingsley: Room for another Sir?

Aria felt a swell in her chest, they were old friends of a sort. Kingsley
and her team, either by design or by accident, had gone a long way to
making her see there were other ways for her to view and interact with the
Marines under her command. It had been almost as useful as her former XO.
If her team, well, her CO's team hadn't been available, she probably would
have accepted the idea of Marines aboard her new ship.

Oddas: Kingsley, welcome aboard! I didn't think anyone from the Marine
detachment would be coming along.

Kingsley: Well, I could use the company.

Aria could have sworn she heard Jazmine snort and then chuckle as the young
woman tightened down a strap. There was something about the way Kingsley
reacted that made Aria think there was something she was missing on a
subtle body language level. It wouldn't be the first time.

Oddas: Grab a seat, we can catch up on the surface.

Any: Response

((OOC: Anyone who still wants to join us still can. ))

(( Besra, Space, A Few Minutes Later ))

The closest she had come to seeing the Juneau from space had been in the
shipyards, an obstructed view of an unfinished ship. She had gotten
reports and scans that included several videos, scans, and holograms, but
nothing compared to seeing it in person. The only thing better would be
seeing it through an EVA suit from the hull - which she wasn't entirely
ruling out.

The blacks, greys, and light blues against space all lit up gave her a
sense of pride.

Oddas: I'm going to take us on a flyby before we head down to the surface.

Any: Response

She plotted a course along the upper primary deck, plodding along and then
down to the city they were still being fed data about from a probe - Aria
wasn't sure if 'geosynchronous' was the correct term - parked above to give
them information.

Oddas: I prefer to think of it as professional diligence.

The registry was just coming into view under the shuttle, NX-99801. She
set the controls to let the ship slide along and let the larger vessel

Any: Response


*Captain Oddas Aria*
Commanding Officer
USS Eagle, NCC-74659
ASDB Co-Facilitator / Academy Deputy Commandant / Captains Council

*One man's 'magic' is another man's engineering*. -Robert Heinlein


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