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LtCmdr. Shayne: Competence Before Courtesy

2020-04-25 18:37:33


((Deck 2, XO's Office, USS Eagle))

Morale was a tricky thing. People in the field could scrape by without show=
ers if the situation required it, and if they were prepared. Indeed, give t=
hem nothing but the barest essentials, and they'd make it work. But=
deprive them of something they were counting on- say, dedicated rooms- and=
not only would morale suffer, but the competence of the entire crew (not t=
o mention their trust in the person that had allowed such buffoonery to tak=
e place) would decrease exponentially. He knew enough by now to understand =
that seemingly low-priority matters would often demand more immediate addre=
ssing for the good of the service.

This is what now drove Shayne to scramble for something resembling a decent=
quarter structure. Juneau, he was convinced, had enough space to swallow h=
alf the quadrant if she was put to the task- that wasn't the issue.=
The problem was in making sure the moving pieces all fit together. Who got=
bigger quarters? Who got better quarters? Where would they be? Did they wa=
nt to share with someone? What about action readiness- how would someone on=
Deck 4 efficiently get to Deck 11 if the turbolifts were down? There were =
cats and dogs coming aboard- how would they keep them out of critical syste=
ms if they managed to get loose?

The fact that people had already begun to switch and swap and trade in lieu=
of a more concrete structure had not helped matters. The last thing he wan=
ted to do was uproot people, but at the same time, he valued order more hig=
hly than most things in his life. He was more sensative than he let on- som=
ething he truly regretted- but if a job was done poorly, he'd scrap=
it and start again. Wasn't that what a first officer was for? Maki=
ng people miserable? It sure seemed that way from time to time.

It was also regrettable that he was due to meet with the newcomers soon- wi=
thin the next few minutes, in fact. It was something he'd become us=
ed to in his time as XO- a short, meaningful encounter with anyone who was =
expected to stay aboard the ship. Many often came during inconvenient momen=
ts in a mission, requiring him to brush them aside for that time. But he sa=
w them as his charge, his responsibility, and though the captain was the ma=
ster of everything aboard, crew included, he was the conduit between the ca=
ptain and them. He wanted to know what he was dealing with- who they were, =
what he could glean from them in the moments following their first meeting.=
It might not have been convenient, per se, but they deserved it. And he, b=
eing the paranoid, grouchy, hyper-vigilant bastard that he was, needed it.

Shayne: ::murmuring to himself:: ...and that would leave Cabin=E2=80=A6 257=
for Collins=E2=80=A6

The door chimed, and he spoke, still peering intently at his PADD.

Shayne: Come on in!

The door opened, and though he did not look up, he knew that Ensign Wyss ha=
d just arrived. He did feel a bit poorly about asking her to come to a diff=
erent ship, but he was simply not in a position to move to Juneau just yet.

Wyss: Response

Shayne did not speak for a moment.

Shayne: Do you want to stay on Deck 15? Not exactly luxury accommodations.

Wyss: Response

Finally he looked up, trying to appear even slightly friendly for the newco=
mer whom he'd never met before. The striking red hair, reminiscent =
of his beloved Ash, struck him first.

Shayne: ...oh, and good to meet you.

Wyss: Response


Lieutenant Commander Randal Shayne
First Officer
USS Eagle
NCC 74659

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