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Lt. Jona ch\'Ranni - Chef of Operations

2020-05-13 12:39:58


((OOC: Ha ha. Couldn't resist the title. Anyone who is willing can jump

((Ship's Galley, USS Gorkon))

Jona stood in the center of the spacious kitchen surveying the group before
him. The polished and gleaming surfaces caught the overhead lighting and
reflected it back at the brave officers. Their bravery was unquestioned for
the simple fact that they now looked to the Andorian as their fearless
instructor. This also made them foolhardy in Jona's opinion.

ch'Ranni: ::under his breath:: The blind leading the blind... ::louder::
Welcome! Thank you all for attending the first meeting of our little
cooking club this evening. I'd like to thank the galley staff for
generously allowing us to use this space ... and for volunteering to clean
up afterwards!

The final phrase was directed to several enlisted personnel lining the back
wall. Jona had assured them that he would keep everything under control and
yet, for some reason, the head stewart had insisted that some of his staff
remain present.

Stillner: ::calling from his place among the other kitchen workers:: Yeah,
you wish, Lieutenant!

ch'Ranni: ::flashing a white smile:: Alright, Stillner. You know our
agreement and I see you're holding me to it. That's fine. ::pause:: Ok,
everone, if you'd kindly take your places at the tables, we can begin. I
know we're all at different levels of ability, but our goal is to have fun.
I've set out a simple recipe card for each of you as our first project.

As the smattering of people milled around to take position at the prep
surfaces, Jona's eye caught sight of Arlo and gave her a small grin. There
was also an unexpected addition to the group at the station next to the
fiery-haired scientist.

ch'Ranni: Hello! Thanks for coming. What do you think of the recipe?

Any: Response

Thornton: Response

Lt. Jona ch'Ranni
Chief of Operations
USS Gorkon (NCC-82293)

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