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Ensign Rachel Flores - Act Your Age

2020-05-13 13:41:18


((Transporter Room One - Deck 8, USS Gorkon))

After a somewhat tense trip through the V=C3=A6ron customs check, Rachel wa=
s on
her way back to the Gorkon. Only this time, she was going to be there to
stay. She had her suitcase and transfer orders in hand as the transporter
beam began to whirl around her. She was dematerialized and transmitted up
through the atmosphere of the planet and up into orbit where her new home
was waiting. Only a second later, she emerged fully reassembled on the
transporter pad.

The same Melthusian transporter operator from before was back at the
controls. But there was another officer there waiting to greet her. A
blonde Human woman, wearing a red shirt and lieutenant commander's =
pips. Presumably someone important. Maybe even the first officer. She hoped
that the slight delay she'd caused at customs hadn't kept h=
er waiting in
the transporter room too long.

Marshall: Ensign Flores, I presume?

Rachel nodded, confirming that she was in fact Ensign Flores. She also
quickly ran a hand through her short red hair and glanced to make sure her
uniform was nice and presentable. It was far too late to actually do
anything about any problems, but it was the thought that counted.

Flores: Are there multiple expected transfers from the colony, ma'a=

Marshall: Not quite, I've just always wanted to say it. ::Smiling, she
offered her hand to the young officer.:: Jo Marshall, ship XO. Welcome to
the Gorkon. Happy to have you join us after that ordeal down there.

Rachel accepted the outstretched hand and shook twice before letting go and
letting her arm swing back down to her side.

Flores: It is very nice to meet you, Commander Marshall! The idea of going
back into the mines was not a pleasant one. I can't begin to expres=
s how
grateful I am that there was an opening available on the Gorkon, in
engineering too! Stuck in a test tube of mutagenic chemicals, assigned to
what may as well be my dream ship. ::She smiled a little.:: Luck seems to
balance out in the long run.

Of course, if that was true, she still had quite the outstanding good luck
balance left to collect from the universe. At least by her own estimation.
But she was happy to take any good fortune that she could get.

Marshall: How did you find the trip from the surface to ship? I hope it
wasn't too taxing and customs didn't give you any issues.

The authorities had wanted to take a closer look at the antique phaser and
communicator she had with her, but they had eventually let her keep it.
However, it had delayed her departure for an additional ten minutes and
required an interview with some very grumpy-looking Romulan customs

Flores: Oh, not too much of an issue. ::She nodded to the single silver
case she was carrying, containing all of her possessions.:: I travel pretty

Marshall: I heard you'd already been up here, under the are of our Sickbay
staff. Medical done and dusted, completely lacking in any foreign agents
floating freely. ::A blonde eyebrow curved upwards as the doors parted,
allowing them through.:: You're looking terribly sprightly for a
two-hundred and seventy-four-year-old human.

Clearly the first officer had seen her file. Although she wasn't su=
re just
how much of her service record she'd seen. Maybe she even thought t=
hat her
birth year had a digit changed. What she wouldn't give for that to =
be the

Flores: I know, people don't think I'm a day over one hundr=
ed and fifty.
::She laughed, having learned to deal with confusion over her =E2=80=9Cage=
=E2=80=9D after
plenty of practice.:: Everyone always said I had stayed young at heart. Now
I just really look it, too.

At first, any remark about her age had been met with a mixture of offense
and hostility. But the first month or two had tempered that reaction.
Especially given that every form in Starfleet seemed to have a default
setting of calculating age from the birthday rather than tracking it as a
separate variable. Which did make sense. It would be a pain to go in and
re-adjust the number manually every year. The only side effect was an edge
case like her, where her age would wind up being almost eight times her
actual, biological age.

Marshall: Response

Flores: The fact that age is auto-calculated and updated from date of birth
in Starfleet records is so frustrating. It has prompted no shortage of
questions during medical check-ups when a new doctor looks at my chart for
the first time.

She followed Marshall down the corridor. While uncertain as to where
exactly they were going, she wasn't about to stop and ask. In all
likelihood, the lieutenant commander knew the ship better than she did.
When she had some free time, she hoped to sit down with the Sovereign-class
complete deck plan and remedy that information deficit.

Marshall: Response

Flores: I really don't mind all that much. Some days I feel as exha=
usted as
someone my =E2=80=9Cage=E2=80=9D. Especially when I was first doing all my =
retraining on
24th century tech. ::Pause.:: I've already taken care of the medica=
screening. Anything else I need to take care of officially before I can
start my duties?

Left unchecked, she could talk all day about her past. But not everyone
wanted to listen to Old Woman Flores rant about how the kids these days had
it so good with their touchscreens and full voice controls or how they were
wearing the wrong colors for command and operations. The first officer was
there to welcome her to the ship. Not listen to her inane musings.

Marshall: Response

Ensign Rachel Flores

Engineering Officer, USS Gorkon


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