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Ensign Rachel Flores - Check-Up

2020-05-13 13:40:43


((Corridor - Deck 8, USS Gorkon))

Thornton kept walking, and Rachel followed along. The pair walked in what
she presumed was the direction of sickbay. With any luck they would run
across a replicator as well. Both she and the science officer were probably
in need of fresh uniforms, herself especially so. Lieutenant Thornton
looked over in her direction again.

Thornton: Welcome aboard, by the way.

Flores: Thank you! Although, I don't know how long I'll act=
ually be here.
Once sickbay checks me out I'll have to report back to my superiors=
on the

Thornton: How do you feel about that?

It was something she was dreading already. Even without her memories of
what happened in the alien lab fully restored yet, the last thing that she
wanted to do was go back into the mines.

Flores: To be honest, I'm not exactly eager to get back there. I=E2=
=80=99ve had
more than my fair share of weird experiences. But this one is easily in the
top five worst. I'm probably going to file for a transfer request t=
o any
other available posting. Anything but staying on V=C3=A6ron.

She'd settle for full-time plasma conduit scrubber on an ore freigh=
ter. But
she did hold out hope that there would be some other engineering position
open for transfer that she could secure.

Thornton: I get that. I'd feel the same if I'm honest.

When they reached the turbolift, Rachel leaned against the curved wall of
the car and waited for Thornton to call out their destination. She hadn=E2=
memorized the deck layout of every class of Starfleet ship class on the off
chance she'd wind up on one. Then again, her history made it seem l=
ike a
potentially prudent course of action.

((Corridor - Deck 7, USS Gorkon))

The turbolift ride was incredibly short. They had only gone up one deck.
Rachel and Lieutenant Thornton stepped back out of the turbolift into
another set of corridors. As they closed in on sickbay, she decided to
thank the science officer once again for her away team's efforts to=
her life. Being turned into one of the fungal aliens seemed like a fate
worse than death.

Flores: I definitely owe you and your team for saving me back there. I=E2=
have to get you all a round of drinks if there's time before you al=
l get
back on your way. There's a great place I know that's frien=
dly to
Federation citizens. The Romulan ale there is amazing! I also need to get
your uniform jacket back=E2=80=A6 ::She looked down at the jacket, ruined b=
y sweat,
amniotic fluid, and dirt from crawling around on cave floors.:: -assuming
you don't want me to just throw it away.

Thornton: Throw it. I can always replicate another one. ::a thought
occurred to her.:: Actually, don't just yet. ::her eyes caught a patch of
dried slime.:: Not before, we have a chance to run more thorough scans of
the fluid. ::she said, pointing to the patch of thinly spread smear.::

How fortunate she had been to run in to another officer almost exactly her
size. She and Thornton had to be

Flores: Will do.

((Sickbay - Deck 7, USS Gorkon))

If Rachel had thought that the transporter room was advanced and
impressive, she hadn't seen anything yet. The sickbay was a marvel =
interior design and structural engineering. Through the main doors was an
office, presumably for the chief medical officer, and a large main room
with a long row of biobeds and multiple special biobeds that had to be for
surgery or other major procedures. And that was only the part that she
could see. It looked like the sickbay complex expanded out into other rooms
beyond that. The sickbays she had been used to were left entirely in the

Thornton: Why don't you hop on a biobed and I'll go and see if I can find
you somebody to check you over? ::she said, looking to Flores, with a kind

She nodded in agreement and looked around, picking an unoccupied biobed at

Flores: I appreciate it. And everything else, too.

Rachel approached the biobed while Thornton left to go find a medical
officer. She gently unfolded a foil space blanket and sat down on that.
There was no need to ruin a biobed with the grime, dust, and alien mutagen
of indeterminant origin that had found its way along every surface and into
every seam of her uniform. Hopefully sickbay could also provide her with
anything else to wear.

For the first time, she could truly let the ceaseless production of
adrenaline slow down and relax. They were on the ship and out of danger. At
least the very active and immediate danger that had surrounded them in the
hidden facility deep below the mines. She was hoping that the Gorkon=E2=80=
sickbay staff could reassure her that there wasn't any lingering da=
from her unplanned and prolonged stay in a test tube.

((OOC: I mainly wanted to take care of these remaining Flores tags, but
these medical tags are open for anyone who wants them.))

Adea/Loxley/Medical: Response

Flores: Hello! Ensign Rachel Flores. ::She held her hand out to the officer
with the teal collar.:: I'm an engineer assigned to V=C3=A6ron Colo=
Lieutenant Thornton wanted for me to be checked on in sickbay. In the
mines, I was trapped in a test tube of amniotic fluid laced with mutagenic
agents and exposed to other potential experiments.

What a busy day it had been. Rachel couldn't wait for it to be over=

Adea/Loxley/Medical: Response

In all the excitement and working with the away team she had been
unexpectedly adopted in to, she'd almost forgotten she wasn=E2=80=
=99t a member of
the Gorkon crew. Collectively exploring the underground facility and facing
the specter of death, or an even worse fate, had created a very strong bond
over the span of an hour or two. To the medical officer, she was just an
unfamiliar face.

Flores: Patient Reference Number WN-144-835. And to save you the time, I=E2=
35, not 274 like my record claims.

Somewhere out there, a programmer responsible for the LCARS filing system=
design had caused a lot of misunderstandings for her. She'd had to =
the same thing more times than she cared to count. For their sake, Rachel
hoped they never met. They would have to listen to quite an earful from her
about all the little paperwork frustrations that their design decision had
caused her.

Adea/Loxley/Medical: Response

Flores: It's a long story. I'd be happy to share it later. =
First, I want to
be absolutely sure that I'm not going to turn into some kind of hal=
woman from some forgotten B-movie.

The image of the formerly Romulan subject they had found in the test tube
was in her head now. It stubbornly refused to leave. She had to keep
glancing down at her hands to reassure herself that she wasn't turn=
ing grey
and molting. Once again, she looked down at herself. No, she still looked
like a normal Human. It would take a heavy weight off of her shoulders to
be absolutely sure that there weren't any traces of mutagens in her=
like some kind of mutation time bomb.

Adea/Loxley/Medical: Response

Ensign Rachel Flores

Consulting Engineering Officer, V=C3=A6ron Colony


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