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Ensign Joshua Sutton - Dialing back the Marine

2020-05-13 16:52:07


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Style>((Shuttlebay, USS Gorkon)) o:p>

ailStyle>  p>

font-size:12.0pt'>The incoming shuttle touched down onto the deck not far f=
rom their leaning post with practiced ease. With a hiss, the ramp hatch ope=
ned up, allowing those transported on board to step out into the wonderful =
world of recycled air and containment. One such lucky fellow was a tall, br=
own-haired, yellow-collared officer, with the look of someone evaluating wh=
ere all the best spots for cover were. By description, this was the new Ens=
ign they waited for, and both officers pushed off their casual respite to g=
reet him.

efaultFontHxMailStyle> pan>

pan style=3D'font-size:12.0pt'>Reynolds: Ensign Sutton, welcome aboard. I'm=
Rear Admiral Quinn Reynolds, your Commanding Officer. ::She indicated to J=
o by swishing her tea mug to her side.:: This is Lieutenant Commander Jo Ma=
rshall, your First Officer.

l> p> 

ontHxMailStyle>Sutton: Ensign Sutton, repo=
rting for duty, sir!

class=3DDefaultFontHxMailStyle> =

ilStyle>Marshall: Enthusiasm. I like it. :=
:She smiled a little more fully and affected her best Academy commander's v=
oice.:: At ease, Ensign. No need to sprain something right out of the gate.=
Don't be too surprised you've got us to greet you here; like the Admiral a=
lways says...

=3DDefaultFontHxMailStyle>  >

e>Reynolds: Anything to get out of my Read=
y Room. ::She raised her eyebrows in a small, wry expression of amusement a=
nd fixed her hazel eyes on the much taller man.:: I understand you served a=
few missions aboard starships during your time as a Marine. Looking forwar=
d to doing it in a gold collar instead of green?


span class=3DDefaultFontHxMailStyle>Sutton=
: Yes sir.

efaultFontHxMailStyle>  pan>

pan style=3D'font-size:12.0pt'>Marshall: We've all done it in a gold collar=

ntHxMailStyle>  an>

e=3D'font-size:12.0pt'>Still on guard for those looking to haze the new guy=
, Sutton wondered if the look on the Commander's face, as subtle as=
it was, was meant as a jab or maybe just an inside joke with the CO.=
Either way, Josh was beginning to gather his wits about him and realize th=
at he needed to dial back the Marine and release his inner Ensign. p>


lass=3DMsoNormal> ize:12.0pt'>Commander Marshall motioned over her shoulder with her head tow=
ards the double doors that lead out to the corridor.


rshall: Looks like I'm running out of coffee. Shall we walk and talk? See i=
f we can perform the old wagon circle tactic on your department chief and g=
et a resupply while we're at it, sir.

=3DMsoNormal> 12.0pt'> 

=3DDefaultFontHxMailStyle>Reynolds: Respon=

ntHxMailStyle>  an>

e=3D'font-size:12.0pt'>Josh snatched up his duffle that he had let drop to =
the floor, flung it back over his shoulder and followed his superiors out i=
nto the corridor.

ass=3DDefaultFontHxMailStyle>  o:p>

tyle>((Corridor outside shuttlebay, USS=

=3DDefaultFontHxMailStyle>  >

e>As the trio stepped through the double d=
oors, it struck Josh that this was now HIS ship. As soon as he heard =
he would be completing his training at Starbase 118, the USS Gorkon was the=
ship he wanted to serve on. He could not say for certain what drew h=
im to this ship, whether it was his modicum flow of Klingon blood in his ve=
ins or the eagerness of this being his first assignment, but when he saw th=
e distinct colors of the Gorkon corridors, he began to have a tiny thought =
in the back of his mind that he might have found a place that he could call=
home. Josh had to make a conscious effort to remove the smile that had app=
eared out of nowhere, right under his nose. But he was not sure if he was c=
ompletely successful. At least he had stopped fidgeting with the newl=
y acquired ensign pip on his collar.

=3DMsoNormal> 12.0pt'> 

=3DDefaultFontHxMailStyle>Marshall: Your t=
ransfer report sang your praises. Sounds like you impressed someone on your=
Marine deployment to recommend you for the Academy.


utton: ::without any intentional thought or hesitation:: Just following ord=
ers and doing my job. ::short pause:: My first application was =
rejected. When my lieutenant found out, I expected some fallout.=C2=
=A0 Instead, he wrote me a letter of recommendation and resubmitted my appl=

aultFontHxMailStyle>  n>

n style=3D'font-size:12.0pt'>Reynolds/Marshall: Response<=


Normal> '>Marshall: Lieutenants are susceptible to all kinds of bribery, this is tr=
ue. What made you do a double major in tactical and operations? That must'v=
e been a lot of work.

an class=3DDefaultFontHxMailStyle> :p>

MailStyle>Sutton: Honestly, I couldn=
't decide which I wanted to do. I started as tactical, drawn =
to the strategic and, well, tactical aspects of a starship. But then =
I discovered that the operational side of things was intriguing as well.=C2=
=A0 Plus, it would allow me to be more versatile, should the need arise.=C2=
=A0 And since I didn't have an actual social life, being a good bit=
older than the other cadets in my class, I had the time to do both as well=
as minor in security.

an class=3DDefaultFontHxMailStyle>&nb=

MailStyle>Reynolds/Marshall: Response=



nt-size:12.0pt'>As they walked, part of Josh's cognitive functions =
were busy trying to take in as much of the ship as he could as they passed =
by. He wanted to take note of places to come back and see later but d=
ecided it would be a better use of his faculties to pay attention to the Ad=
miral and Commander. There would be plenty of time to explore his new=
ship in due time.

lass=3DDefaultFontHxMailStyle> <=

Ensign Joshua Sutton<=

/Security Officer

-bottom:.0001pt'> le=3DUSS_Gorkon">USS Gorkon,=


p class=3DMsoNormal> t-size:12.0pt'> 


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