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Lt. Commander Samira Neathler - Feeding the little one

2020-05-13 17:23:42


(( Samira's Quarters - Deck 5 ))

After her talk with Petty Officer Bradley, Samira had sauntered back to her
quarters somewhat lost in thought. Once she arrived, she realized she had
taken a wrong turn somewhere, she had wanted to go to Sto'vo'kor or
Songbird to grab a bite to eat. Yet here she was, standing in the middle of
her familiar quarters, her gaze shifting to Ko and the rather dull looking
eucalyptus leaves. She frowned, she had been so late this morning she had
only replenished his water but hadn't replaced the twigs with leaves.
Something she should remedy before she thought of her own stomach.

As she was putting up a new batch of food for the small critter she briefly
wondered if there would be similar trees growing on V=C3=A6ron, so he could
actually get something non-replicated food. But thinking she would have to
go back to that dreaded forest, she gave up the thought immediately.
Although she couldn't remember seeing anything similar to eucalyptus in the
forest. But seeing the little research she had done, she should probably
look at a more dryer environment, instead than the green, lush forest she
had been running through or maybe surviving was a better term. Perhaps it
was a question, Somss could answer but apparently the man had totally lost
it since he came on board, hardly saying a coherent word, so that was no
longer an option either.

She took a deep breath as the scent of eucalyptus filled her quarters and
she gently ruffled the critter's head, trying not to wake him when the
buzzer at the door went.

Neathler: It's open.

She turned around, half expecting to see Meg, who she hadn't seen since her
return to the ship, standing in the doorway. Yet to her surprise it wasn't
the Betazoid woman but the blonde Chief engineer. Back on the ice planet, G=
Sinh Samira had called in some help from the engineer slash botanist. And
somehow that call for help had been the start of a pleasant conversation.

Neathler: Commander, what a pleasant surprise, do come in.

E. Reynolds: Response

Neathler: I thought you would be on the planetside, studying the flora out

E. Reynolds: Response

Neathler: ::She shook her head.:: I'm not going back to that forest unless
when ordered to, I'm afraid. ::She pointed towards the huge couch
underneath the window.:: Please, sit down. What can I do for you?

E. Reynolds: Response

Lieutenant Commander Samira Neathler

Chief of Security&Tactical
USS Gorkon

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