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Lieutenant Corliss Fortune-A Splinter In Time

2020-05-13 17:15:25


(( Sickbay, USS Gorkon ))

Sevo: Check in with Ops. They probably have you assigned by now. As for
your superior, you're looking for Commander Reynolds.

Fortune: Yes, hopefully she's back safe and sound as the rest of us.

Tulosten: Commander Reynolds? ::His ridges lowered in confusion. :: Is
Reynolds a popular name in the Federation?

Ayiana glanced at everyone else in the room. Corliss gave a hesitant shrug,
last names weren't as spread out where she lived as it seemed to be on

Sevo: Well, I think Reynolds is a pretty common Human surname, but in this
case, it's slightly more complicated. I think it's best she=
explain it to

Corliss agreed, albeit she didn't know a lot of Reynolds. But here there
were two...although their case was a little less common than others.A lot
less common, actually. All the same, she had learned it wasn't that odd to
find someone with a similar last name but no relation to another person.
Very odd, that.

Loxley: Like much on this ship, things are rarely straightforward.

Fortune: Things tend to be very bendy, all things considered.

Sevo: Anyway, I'd best go shower and clean up, assuming I'm=
cleared, Doc?
:: She looked at Loxley. ::

Loxley: Oh yes, Commander, sorry. Take it easy for the rest of the week,
drink plenty of fluids, and let me know if you develop anything
fungus-related. But otherwise, you're all clear.

Fortune: See you, Ayiana!

Tulosten: Response

Sevo: Thanks again. I know I won't be having mushrooms for dinner a=
ny time

With that, she hopped off the biobed and made her way out of sickbay and
towards her quarters.

Loxley: ::to himself:: Indeed not.

Tulosten: Response

Loxley: While you're here, Lieutenant, we'll give you the once over. I've
seen what condition Petty Officer Bradley was in, if you were in the
shuttle when it crashed, too, I think a medical assessment would be prudent=

Lox looked up at the Klingon as he spoke. Corliss swung one foot lazily, a
curious smile on her face. She hoped Petty Officer Bradley was okay, she
seemed like a strong person who could fight through anything. Considering
all they saw in the forest, and all...

Tulosten: Response

Loxley: And as for you, Counsellor....

Corliss hiccuped, pointing to herself curiously. Fortune: Me?

Loxley/Tulosten: Response

Fortune: I mean the trip through the log was a little painful. And walking
on one bare foot was a little odd, but I don't think I got cut up too bad
out there.

Although she was sure there was a splinter or two she might have not felt..=

Loxley/Tulosten: Response

Lieutenant Corliss Fortune
Highest Quality Counsellor Brain
USS Gorkon


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