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Lieutenant Corliss Fortune-\'Simple Recipe\'

2020-05-13 18:32:34


((Ship's Galley, USS Gorkon))

The last time Corliss remembered actually physically cooking and not
'cooking' by way of replicator, it was in an attempt to try a vegetable
from her father's greenhouse. The outside had been rough with green ridges,
but the inside was delicious when steamed.

It was getting TO the inside that was the challenge. But the steamed
whatever-it-was was her last meal she made (pardoning peanut brittle when
she was in the mood, of course).

Hearing about a cooking club was amazing! Not just because it would be a
fun hobby to share with the others, but the camaraderie blossoming from it
would be excellent for crew morale! Now if she could only convince
someone to strike up a skydiving club...

All the same, she went wigless this time as well. It was...easier to tell
when one's natural hair is on fire versus faux hair. She wasn't going to
expand on that at all.

She stole a place next to Arlo, winking playfully. A large white cook's hat
sat askew on her head along with a pink ruffled apron with two large
pockets over her outfit.

ch'Ranni: ::under his breath:: The blind leading the blind... ::louder::
Welcome! Thank you all for attending the first meeting of our little
cooking club this evening. I'd like to thank the galley staff for
generously allowing us to use this space ... and for volunteering to clean
up afterwards!

The final phrase was directed to several enlisted personnel lining the back
wall. Corliss hid a snort, shaking her head.

Stillner: ::calling from his place among the other kitchen workers:: Yeah,
you wish, Lieutenant!

ch'Ranni: ::flashing a white smile:: Alright, Stillner. You know our
agreement and I see you're holding me to it. That's fine. ::pause:: Ok,
everyone, if you'd kindly take your places at the tables, we can begin. I
know we're all at different levels of ability, but our goal is to have fun.
I've set out a simple recipe card for each of you as our first project.

Corliss bounced her way to a seat, swinging her right foot idly as she
bounced in place, eager to begin. There was a card that she plucked from
the side curiously, tilting it to read over as Jona wandered over. She
passed the card to Arlo as Jona started to speak.

ch'Ranni: Hello! Thanks for coming. What do you think of the recipe?

Fortune: It seems like great fun to participate in! I don't think I've ever
tried...hamburger...steak? Before.

ch'Ranni/Thornton: Response

Fortune: I've not had steak, but hamburger, certainly. I like to add lots
of onions and tomatoes on it!

ch'Ranni/Thornton: Response

Lieutenant Corliss Fortune
Highest Quality Counsellor Brain
USS Gorkon


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