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NCP PO3 Alice Bradley - The Cost

2020-05-13 20:01:56


(( Sickbay - Deck 7 ))

She awoke at the feeling of her limbs being pulled around and head becoming
immobilized. When her uniform was ripped away, her subconscious mind had
told her that the wolves had come back and were tearing into her. So she
had been surprised upon opening her eyes and seeing a full medical team
standing over her in the small confines of the shuttle wreck. She had tried
to speak but the words had been a garbled mess and the pain had come so
quickly that her attempted words were turned into a whimper. A hypo in her
neck had removed the pain sent her back to the embrace of sleep.

When she again awoke there was no pain and no medical team frantically
working on her. Her eyes locked onto the sterile and undamaged ceiling as
her foggy brian slowly made the connections. She must be on in the Gorkon=
sickbay. She poked the inside of her cheek with her tongue and couldn=E2=80=
find any trace of the damage inflicted by the pack animals, at least she
knew that she would be able to have a cup of coffee in the future without
it spilling out the side of her face. With that comforting thought, she
brought both her hands into view, her right arm was in a bone-kitting cast
but the fingers on that hand all moved, if somewhat stiffly.

Lastly, it was time to see if her legs worked=E2=80=A6 But she wasn=E2=80=
=99t sure that she
had the courage. She closed her eyes wondering what she would do if they
didn't work. She knew she was being silly, being a paraplegic would
certainly require some adjustments in her lifestyle, but it wasn't =
limiting as it once was. Unfortunately, that rational thought didn'=
t give
her any more courage and she lay with her eyes closed for serval long
minutes. She took a deep breath and opened her eyes one more time, ready to
try when she heard a familiar voice.

Neathler: ::Softly.:: Hey there, nice to see you in better shape than last
time we saw each other.

Bradley: A lot better.

Alice replied with a smile which she hoped masked her concern.

Neathler: How are you feeling?

Bradley: Stiff and groggy, but I'm not in any pain. Thanks for gett=
ing the
medical team to me.

Neathler: I'm just glad we managed to pull you out in time.

Alice could see the look of trepidation on the Commander's face.

Bradley: Me too, the drinks are on me to say thank you once I get out of

But she still didn't know if she would be walking out of the sickba=

Neathler: response

Bradley: Did all your team make it out?

Neathler: response

Bradley: Sounds like I missed a lot of fun

Neathler: response

Bradley: Does this scientist only make birds or can he make me a new
spine=E2=80=A6.. :: She chopped off her sentence and felt the blood drain f=
rom her
face as her brain caught up with her mouth.::

Neathler: response

Alice bit the inside of her lip in thought.

Bradley: I've only just woken up and haven't tried. Does th=
at make me a

Neathler: response

She started to sit up and quickly received a helping hand from the security
chief after a false start. She took another couple of deep breathes and
stared at her legs, as if making eye contact would encourage them to work.
Another moment to steady herself and tried to move her feet, but nothing
happened. She felt the fear and despair growing inside her and tried again,
still nothing. The desire wrapped it's self around her like a wet
blanket with each failed attempt. With tears in her eyes, she gritted her
teeth and began straining as if she was doing a leg press max rep. She just
wanted the smallest movement from her legs and was on the verge of
breaking when her left foot twitched. She whipped the tears from her eyes
and focused, another twitch but it certainly wasn't controlled move=

Bradley: I'm not sure what that means.

Neathler: response

Alice looked around and saw a padd nearby. Bringing it back to her she
found the section she was looking for but the notes didn't make muc=
h sense
to her.

Bradley: Spinal shock? ::She said looking up with a confused look on her
face.:: That... doesn't sound quite as bad as paralysis.

She handed the padd to the Commander for her input.

Neathler: response


Petty Officer 3rd Class Alice Bradley
Shuttle Pilot

simmed by

Lieutenant Junior Grade Tulosten
KDF Exchange Officer
USS Gorkon
Department of Veterans Affairs Team Member

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