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Lt. Commander Ayiana Sevo - First Step to Swimming is Getting in the Pool

2020-05-13 23:04:24


(( Holodeck 3, Deck 4, USS Gorkon))

Lieutenant Pira, (Ayiana was not about to try and pronounce the Andorian=E2=
last name), had come to her with an odd request: teach her to swim. It was
generally known on the ship that Ayiana was a good swimmer; she had swum on
the Academy swim team and won a few awards, but that was a long time ago.
Her water excursions these days were mostly limited to shore leave and long

After meeting Pira at the holodeck, she entered the desired program
specifics in the control panel and entered. It was the swimming facility at
the Trill Academy campus she spent so much time at. Memories of her time on
the team, and just lazily hanging around the pool, flowed back to her mind.

Sevo: It's the pool facility at the Trill Starfleet Academy complex=
. I
spent so much time here.

sh'Qynallahr: The Andorian facility looked rather similar.

Made sense. There was only so much variation in designing a swimming pool,
Ayiana mused.

Sevo: Right, where to start? Do you know anything about swimming, or are we
starting you from scratch?

sh'Qynallahr: I can swim, I'm just not very good. Had I nee=
ded to swim on
V=C3=A6ron, I'm not sure I wouldn't have sunk.

That sounded like an interesting tale. She hoped she could get the chance
to read Adea's team's mission report.

Sevo: When did you last swim?

sh'Qynallahr: Well, I haven't really swum since my first ye=
ar at the
Academy, so...about twelve years ago, and that was when I learned to swim
too. Its been a long time.

Ayiana tossed her towel onto a nearby chair and quickly jumped into the
shallow end of the pool. It was around 25 C, a nearly perfect temperature
for a pool, in Ayiana's opinion. She turned and hung off the side o=
f the
pool, bracing herself with her arms on the concrete lip, staring up at Pira=

Sevo: You didn't learn to swim as a child?

Piravao placed her towel on a bench and started removing her tunic, laying
it neatly beside the towel.

sh'Qynallahr: Andorians typically don't swim, our oceans an=
d rivers, even
lakes are extremely cold. We have hot springs in volcanic regions and
cities, but those are for bathing and relaxing, not swimming. It's =
not a
skill we're taught. ::Her tunic removed, Piravao moved to stand at =
the edge
of the pool:: So, how do you want me to start?

That was surprising. Ayiana had assumed that Andorians would be natural
swimmers. They live in ice, and ice melts. Goes to show how much she knew
of Andoria and its people.

Sevo: Right, first you better get acclimated to the water. It's pro=
warm for you, but the standard temperature for most pools. I can change the
temperature if you want. Use the steps over there... :: she pointed to the
steps leading into the shallow end. :: Don't just jump in fully as =
I did;
your body will probably go into shock with the sudden unexpected
temperature change.

sh'Qynallahr: Response

Sevo: Right, but I've been doing this all my life. My body is used =
to and
quite comfortable just jumping straight in.

sh'Qynallahr: Response

Ayiana treaded about in the water, waiting for Pira to dip in. She dunked
herself under a couple of times, doing some quick underwater somersaults
and dips. Her hair coiled around her like a snake underwater.

Sevo: :: She smiled. :: Come on, now! It won't bite!

sh'Qynallahr: Response


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