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Lt. JG Toran Sevo - Any Advice?

2020-05-13 22:49:06


(( Sickbay, USS Gorkon ))

Adea had managed to quickly check out the grishnar cat. It was as they
suspected, her fangs had been removed, probably by Klang himself. The
Doctor had suggested Toran take it to the ship's veterinarian if an=
amiss arose.

T. Sevo: =E2=80=9CFlak?=E2=80=9D We have a vet on board? Why didn't=
Commander Marshall just
send me to them? Sorry to bother you with this.

Genkos waved a forgiving hand - one that said this was no bother.

Adea: Not at all, Toran. I assume Jo found it amusing. It's her
justification for 82% of all her actions.

Toran paused, stroking the creature. Yea, that made sense, considering the
scuttlebutt surrounding her. He could feel the vibrations coming off Bekk
as it began to purr.

T. Sevo: You have a pet, right, Doc? Any advice?

Genkos stroked his chin. Adea had a Terran dog; while not exactly like this
grishnar cat, Toran hoped at least some caring techniques were universal.

Adea: Well, at the moment it seems she likes you. ::he looked Toran in the
eyes:: My advice is to keep it that way.

T.Sevo: Um=E2=80=A6 =E2=80=9Cat the moment?=E2=80=9D :: He arched an eyebro=
w quizzically. ::

Adea: Regular feedings, enough exercise and activities, and lots and lots
of attention. How big are your quarters?

T. Sevo: Uh...about 800 square feet. Standard jay-gee quarters.

Adea: That should be enough square footage, but you might wish to take her
for walks on the holodeck or in the arboretum. Just to release that pent up

True. Trill feline companions were similar; they liked to romp and roam
around outside. If he was planet-bound, he could simply let the patio door
open and let the creature come-and-go. Obviously, that was not a choice on
the ship.

T. Sevo: Hmm. I guess I can take her during my daily jogs.

That would be an amusing sight: a massive Trill preluded by a grishnar.
On...a leash? Do grishnars use leashes?

Adea: Response

T. Sevo: Well, thanks again, Doc. Dunno how long I'll have her. Hop=
I can find someone on the planet to take her. Somehow, she doesn't =
like a shipboard animal.

Adea: Response

With a final thanks, Toran plucked Bekk off the bed and set her down on the
ground. She patrolled around a bit, but for the most part stayed near
Toran's side. Somehow, she knew who her new owner was, at least
temporarily. How long that would last would be hard to say. With her tail
stuck upwards contently, she took point as the pair exited sickbay.


Lieutenant J.G. Toran Sevo

Security / Tactical Officer

U.S.S. Gorkon


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Lt. Commander Ayiana Sevo

U.S.S. Gorkon

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