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Cmdr. Kelrod: Better small steps than a big fall.

2020-03-28 01:27:13


*((Bridge, Deck 1 - USS Veritas)) *
*IC: *

The whole crew were working towards the same objective, to
determine what that planet or planetoid was and how it was able to get
into and out of subspace.
*Kelrod*: Once we approach to it, I suggest either a class 2 or a
class 4 probe to be launched at the planet to began gathering data. At
least until we determine if there's anything intelligent on it.

*Orrey/Kinan/Dugoras/Jolara*: Response

The ship began to shake a bit as they neared the planet, and went
to faster warp. Ceciri kept an eye on the dampener output, but it
seemed to be increasing subspace issues, and she frowned again. She
tested it, by jumping up to Warp 12 from the 11 they were at, and the
ship shook severely, and on reflex, immediately dropped it down.

*Ariadust*: Sir, we're experiencing increasing amounts of subspace
distortions. They appear to be increasing the faster we go. I think
we're in the wash of whatever is careening the planet through

*Orrey/Kinan/Dugoras/Jolara*: Response
*Kelrod*: As we're approaching to the planet's position, I can spare
some of the energy for the SIF.
*Orrey/Ops:* Response
*Kelrod*: As I understand, the gravitational forces of the planet
ripping through subspace could originate an interference with out warp
bubble, as the planet itself could be drawing the negative energy from
the bubble's edge.
*Ariadust/Orrey*: Response
*Kelrod*: So I guess that as we approach to it, the interference at
high warp will be greater....
*Ariadust*: Response

It seems that he has retained a few things about warp engineering
after his time on the Apollo, aside from his own experience as a
pilot. The truth was that they're going to meet a great stellar object
with some weird properties and they'll need to be close up to the
planet to study it in detail. The latest readings he could access from
their sensors, seemed to reveal that there could be some kind of life
on the planet, but they can't determine if that will be intelligent
lifeform, not even if it could be an M class or maybe an L class. Of
course there's always the chance that the readings they're getting
were wrong and it was just a flying rock with special properties or
caught in an abnormal phenomenon, so they'll have to wait to be in
range to make proper determination with more detailed sensor readings
or using their probes to get data.


Commander Kelrod d>

*Chief Of Security
Veritas *

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