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Lt JG Charlena Vanlith - Borg Tech?

2020-03-28 08:17:47


((Main engineering, Deck 8, USS Veritas))

With that dismissal Charlena made her way over to a separate display and
pulled up the old Voyager logs ingesting the information. It quickly became
clear just how unpredictable a situation they were in. A brief scan of
similar cases showed that the Voyager was the one ship that seemed to have
come away from this successfully. A determined look covered her face as she
started to formulate possible ideas and plans. One thing was for sure. If
this was going to work either they had to master Borg engineering or they
had to try and replicate it with what they had of their own.

Vanlith: Sir? How much do we have on Borg engineering?

Wil's eyebrows raised. Using any sort of Borg engineering was left of
field - and a potentially creative angle.

Ukinix: Oh! Umm... well, there might be some info in the Starfleet database
from the Reclamation Project on the Artifact, but that may be limited...

Charlena looked up form the console as Wil approached. The schematics from
the voyager showed use of Borg engineering which honestly she didn't have a
clue about and some of these modifications she wasn't sure exactly what
they meant. But at least it could be a starting point. She moved to the
side as Wil reached the console so he could see it clearly.

Ukinix: Cross-reference the data that's in these logs with anything Borg
related in the Starfleet database. We'll probably need the same kind of
shield enhancements, but on a much larger scale for the whole 'Tas.

Vanlith: I'll get to work with that then.

Ukinix: No worries.

Charlena cross-referenced like her life depended on it. If they were going
to get these modifications in place on a vast enough scale she needed to
understand them yesterday.

Ukinix: Hey, check that out. Their Chief Engineer was at helm when they
flew close to the graviton ellipse. Pfft, bloody show off.

Vanlith: ::looking up chuckling:: I think us engineers have done enough
flying recently. I vote we leave that to the pros.

Wil chuckled, and shrugged his shoulders. As Wils head dropped and he went
back to scrolling Charlena followed suit. Her attention turned to why some
of the modifications had been required to take place. Now some of those
looked like they would be easy to introduce given the most recent mods that
had occurred to the ship. But it was clearly slightly different. This was
going to be a fun challenge.

Masters: Excuse me Mr. Ukinix? I think we might have a problem. Can you
come here for a moment. According to my reading, it looks like from what
the Cardassians have said it looks like the plaetoid has changed course and

Feeling slightly nosey given the current situation Charlena couldn't help
but listen in. If it was changing then she needed to establish these
modifications fast.

Ukinix: I wonder if that's a sign it's going back to subspace?

Masters: Response

Ukinix: Thanks Chase, ::walking back to MSD:: keep monitoring the sensor
readings, and extrapolate a heading. Knowing where it's going might help
us adapt any modifications we make. Look for any signs that it might be
going back to subspace.

Masters: Response

Ukinix: =3D/\=3D Ukinix to bridge. Masters informs me the Cardassians have
reported the planet has changed course and speed, what's our ETA on
reaching the planet? =3D/\=3D

Orrey: =3D/\=3D Response =3D/\=3D

Ukinix: =3D/\=3D Understood, we'll do what we can to be ready. Ukinix out.=

Vanlith: Sir. It looks like we are going to have to adapt our power usage.

Ukinix: What sort of power usage?

Vanlith: A major decrease. As it moves in and out of subspace particularly
it will gravitate towards magnetic, electromagnetic and gravitational
fields. The Veritas will easily emit enough to draw it towards us on a
collision course. Especially considering the Voyager had that problem
almost instantly.

Ukinix: ::Nodding:: OK, start making the mods straight away.

Vanlith: ::smiling:: Aye Sir.

Charlena turned towards her console, the Borg elements were the hardest
things here. Maybe she could use other mods that she would have to monitor.
Modifications she could understand at a glance instead of taking the risk
on the Borg engineering. Then again she knew the Borg engineering worked
and couldn't be certain her own versions would be as successful.

Taking a deep breath Charlena ruffled the back of her hair and then made
her decision. She needed to understand her modifications to be sure she
could monitor and adjust. Using the Borg schematics as a reference point
she began to make her changes to the same systems to a similar effect.

Alse: Responses

Masters: Response

Vanlith: Modifications being put into place. But they will need to be
closely monitored Sir.

Ukinix: Response

Vanlith: Happily Sir ::tapping away at the console:: I'll let you know when
everything is in place.

Any: Responses

LT. JG Charlena Vanlith

Engineering Officer

USS Veritas


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