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Lieutenant Commander Alentonis: Your Guess & My Guess

2020-03-28 18:54:21


(( Ship's Library, Deck 4 -- USS Veritas ))

He was fairly new to the uniform, and perhaps had started with an
unwarranted assumption that it was capable of even *hosting* intelligent
life, though again, more reading would be required. Some rogue planets had
hosted intelligent life warring with one another, the rogue planet he spoke
of earlier with its own cloaking tech was created by the planet's

Moonsong:Let us start with what we know.

Alentonis: Good idea.

Moonsong: First, do the reports from the Cardassians give an accurate size
for it. Does it qualify as a planet, a moon, or planetoid. It could easily
be the size of an asteroid and they exaggerated their description of it.

Her words sounded more like statements than questions, though perhaps that
was done deliberately. He filed that away mentally and went back through
the data file, looking through it for discrepancies. Then again, they did
have their probes already sent out and gathering data...

Alentonis: I would rather trust the data from our probes, in all honesty.

Moonsong: ::nods:: I would tend to agree with that.

Alentonis: With regards to the theory that it is an AI, I am interested to
hear your insight on that. Have you experienced difficulties with such life
forms before?

Moonsong: Indeed=E2=80=A6 It was called the Sentinel, a very intelligent AI=
in the
Menthar Corridor. It had=E2=80=A6 incredible capabilities. It would not be =
a large
step for it to do such a thing. It nearly wiped out a Breen armada along
with a number of starships and then repurposed them for its own use.

Alentonis: Hmm. Interesting.

As he listened, he grew more fascinated by the possibilities and resumed
his reading. It was all guess-work as to what they would find down there.
Life of any kind, even artificial, was a guess. Size, according to the
information they had in the file from Starfleet Science, indicated that the
object was indeed a small planetoid. He was idly curious whether their data
probes had come back yet, and thus would be able to correct or disprove
their suspicions.

Moonsong: Mr. Alentonis=E2=80=A6. If I could trouble you for a few more mom=
ents of
your attention?

Alentonis: :: Looked up from the PADD. :: Of course, commander.

Moonsong: Until we start to get data from the probes, perhaps it would be
an idea to return to the science labs?

It was, perhaps, a better idea than staying here and doing book based
research, as the data from the probes would be able to tie in directly to
the sensors and imaging suites therein.

Alentonis: I agree.

Raissa rose from her seat and moved over to Lia.

Moonsong: ::smiles:: Commander?

Lia turned from the doctor and their console to find Raissa Moonsong, with
a smile, to her side. Behind her was Tim Alentonis.

Rouiancet: Hello, Raissa. How can I help?

Moonsong: I am thinking that Alentonis and I go to the astrometrics lab. We
can use the system to create a holographic model as the data comes in.

Rouiancet: That sounds like an excellent plan to me.

Alentonis: We could use the imaging technology in astrometrics to create a
video feed and see what we're up against.

Alexander-Dalton: Response

Moonsong: It would certainly give us a more comprehensive view of the
planetoid. We can also tie it into the navigational sensors to aid in
tracking its course.

Rouiancet: Even better.

Alexander-Dalton: Response

Moonsong: There are many theories=E2=80=A6 ::glances at Alentonis:: But the=
re is
nothing concrete yet.

Rouiancet: If there's one thing I'm *sure* about, it's that we'll know much
more as we approach.

Tim just nodded to that. This was one of those things where the full nature
of the beast would be revealed the closer they got. A mystery, to be sure.
One that Tim wasn't sure he liked the feel of. Hopefully this would=
be his
last day as a sleuth investigating real life phenomenon.

Moonsong: Of course=E2=80=A6 we could all adjourn there if you are ready=E2=
::gestures around the library:: In all honesty, while this works for some
research=E2=80=A6 we believe the data from our own probes and sensors will =
give us
what we need.

Alexander-Dalton: Responses

Rouiancet: Good idea. Why don't you three go ahead, and I'll gather up the
lieutenants. We'll meet you there in a few minutes.

Alentonis: Okeydoke.

Moonsong/Alexander-Dalton: Responses

Rouiancet: Good luck. See you shortly.

Moonsong/Alexander-Dalton: Responses

The trio made their way out of the library and off to the astrometrics lab,
and Lia made her way deeper into the library to retrieve the remaining
lieutenants in the group. Tim was following, kind of quietly at first,
since he didn't really have any conversation topics.

(( OOC: Zeph will continue as needed. ))

(( Astrometrics Lab ))

Tim made his way over to the main display and began inputting information
they had from the massive Starfleet Science file. It didn't take lo=
before the planetoid came into view.

Alentonis: So, the theory I came up with was that it has some sort of
intelligent life which was able to utilize a weird sort of computer to
cloak the planet, which requires intelligent life in order to operate the
system. I don't know if it was capable of generating warp capacity =
as well.
Commander Moonsong's theory is that it could be some kind of AI bas=
ed on a
prior experience she had in the Menthar Corridor.

Moonsong / Alexander-Dalton: Response

Alentonis: Your guess is as good as mine.

Moonsong / Alexander-Dalton: Response

Lieutenant Commander Timothy Alentonis
Science Officer
USS Veritas NCC-95035


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