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JP- Lt. Cmdr Raissa Moonsong & Lt. Wil Ukinix: Cowboy Cruises II (Part 2)

2020-03-28 22:20:28


((Holodeck 1, Deck 4 -- USS Veritas))

Moonsong: ::laughs:: If I were that evil, we would be on the llamas now.

Ukinix: I still use that blanket by the way. Sometime after a long day I'l=
l get into my jim jams, then curl up with and fall asleep on the couch.

Moonsong: Awww.... How precious... ::smirks.

Ukinix: Where are we headed?

Moonsong: There is a meadow that you may like.

Ukinix: Nods. Alrighty, I'll follow you. I mean, Buckely will follow you,=
I'm just along for the ride.

The path wound around the trees, the sun through the leaves seemed to make =
everything golden, the air fresh and clean with the smell of autumn. Thirty=
minutes later they came out of the trees into a large open area of tall gr=
ass and flowers. To one side was a large pond, its surface rippling in the =
light breeze.

Moonsong: Here we are.

Wil looked around, and took in the view. It looked so magnificent that he =
had to remind himself he was on a holodeck.

Ukinix: This place is amazing.

Moonsong: One of my favorite meditation spots and a favorite family picnic =
spot. ::pats her saddlebags:: And I brought food.

They meandered to the edge of the pond and Raissa pulled Sunrise to a halt =
and Buckley obediently did the same. She swung her leg over and dropped to =
the ground and then turned to look at Wil.

Moonsong: Do you want to try it yourself or do you want help down?

Wil turned his head left to look at the ground. He then swung it over to l=
ook at the ground on *the other* side, before he swung his focus back to th=
e left side again.

Ukinix: Let me try getting down, ::grabbing pommel, swinging leg:: I reckon=
I can-

Moonsing: ::cautiously:: Wil... Wait!

Ukinix: Wait, what, ahhh!

Losing his balance, Wil felt his body fall backwards. He tried to grab ont=
o anywhere on the saddle, but failed, and fell backwards, landing on his be=
hind first, before slamming his arms down to the ground to soften the fall.=
His cowboy hat fell off and went rolling, before stopping a few metres aw=

After a moment of silence, Wil let out a groan, and slowly sat up.

Moonsong: ::coming to his side, concerned:: Are you all right?

Ukinix: I think I bruised my arse. ::Grimacing:: Other than that, I'm fine=

He slowly got to his feet, then brushed dirt off his arms. Raissa nodded as=
she looked him over. Just his dignity took a beating.

Moonsong: If you are sure...

Ukinix: ::Brushing dust off hands:: Well, it's a dismount.

Buckley turned to look at Wil, which didn't go unnoticed.

Ukinix: ::To Buckley, cheekily:: Oh yeah, and what are you staring at, Buck=

The mare seemed to snort her disdain at him and turned her attention to cro=
pping the lush grass.

Moonsong: No comment.

Wil made his way over to Sunrise, and reached into the saddle bag to help r=
etrieve the food. Raissa smiled and showed him how to remove the saddles fr=
om the horses. Once relieved of their burdens, Raissa looped their reins to=
gether loosely and the horses moved away from their general area.

Moonsong: Go pick us out a spot. ::she loaded him up with one of the saddle=

With his arms full, he made his way over to a sport near the edge of the po=

Ukinix: ::Looking down at ground:: About here?

Moonsong: That will do.

Raissa settled her saddle on the ground and began unloading the bags. She h=
ad Wil spread out a blanket and then began placing the containers of food d=
own. There was fried chicken, baked beans, coleslaw, potato salad and macar=
oni salad. Biscuits, still warm were also included with the meal. A large j=
ug of iced tea was set down along with a couple large portions of peach pie=

Moonsong: ::using her saddle as a back rest, she settled down:: I hope you =
are hungry.

Wil squatted down to check out the spread of food.

Ukinix: Absolutely - oh Raissa, I love potato salad. That's a summer stapl=
e for me.

Moonsong: Riding always makes me hungry. You would be surprised by how much=
exercise you get from it.

With a little bit of pain, Wil took a seat.

Ukinix: I'm starting to feel soreness in places where I didn't know I had m=

Moonsong: A lot of muscles are used to maintain your balance. I would advis=
e you not grip the reins so tightly on the way back. Your hands will cramp.=
::she began loading up a plate for herself, leaving him to serve herself::

Ukinix: ::Flexing fingers on both hands:: Understood, Commander, I'll at l=
east try. I'm scared of falling off.

He leaned forward and spoke up, while he loaded up a plate with a piece of =
fried chicken, coleslaw, macaroni salad, and a large portion of potato sala=

Ukinix: Thank you for lunch, Raissa. This food looks delicious.

Moonsong: All this is my mother's recipes. ::she grinned:: There is a butte=
ry flavor to the chicken that I just love. ::taking a big bite:: All my fav=
orite comfort foods.

Wil placed the plate on his lap, then picked up the fried chicken leg and t=
ook a bite.

Ukinix: Mmmm... ::Chewing, before speaking:: yum. ::Nodding, licking finge=
rs:: That's great.

Moonsong: ::after a couple mouthfuls:: Told you...

He put down the chicken, and picked up a fork, shoveled up some potato sala=
d, and then put it in his mouth.

Ukinix: This - ::covering mouth, chewing:: - would go perfectly with a barb=
eque. I'll have to tell my mother that I've found a better potato salad th=
an hers.

Moonsong: ::laughs:: That could be dangerous.

Wil chuckled, before looking around at the scenery in front of them while s=
ilently eating. It was a lot greener and lush than he was used to. The ar=
ea appeared to be teeming with life. He was in awe of the thick, dense tal=
l green trees that seemed to surround them.

Moonsong: ::sipping her ice tea:: Something on your mind?

Ukinix: It's funny, I've been to Jansen's place, and now yours. I'm going =
to have to invite you both to my grandparent's winery. Either the real one=
, or a holographic version like this one.

Moonsong: Your choice.

Ukinix: ::Smirking:: Actually, a holographic one might be better. ::Smirkin=
g:: You won't have to put up with my Dad's bad jokes.

Moonsong: It could be worse. ::waves around them:: This could be real and y=
ou would have to deal with my father's noncommittal grunts or listen to him=
ramble on about breeding. Or my mother's interrogation techniques.

Just as Wil was about to eat a mouthful of food, Wil chuckled.

Ukinix: Holodecks. Best anti-parent-embarrassment invention ever.

After a few minutes of eating, Raissa set aside her empty plate and looked =
at Wil. Somehow, he had become another one of her brothers and she loved th=
at about him.

Moonsong: ::smiles:: There is something I wanted to talk to you about.

Ukinix: ::Finishing last bite:: My horse riding?

Moonsong: ::her smile faded:: Charlena. ::pause:: I could not help but note=
her reactions on the bridge.

Wil raised his eyebrows for a moment, before setting his empty plate down. =
The topic had come out of the blue.

Ukinix: How so?

Moonsong: ::shakes her head:: Look... I know I am not a counselor anymore, =
but I do find it concerning.

He thought back to the last moments around Ketar V when they had caught a c=
loaked vessel that was jamming planetary communications.

Ukinix: That she was nervous?

Moonsong: She was beyond nervous, Wil.

He pondered for a moment, and lifted his knee, to rest his elbow on it. He=
grimaced slightly, realising just how sore he was going to be for the next=
48 hours.

Ukinix: I'm not as strong as you, but ::conceding:: yeah, I did sense it a=
little bit.

Moonsong: I get the feeling this is not the first time.

Ukinix: Charlena is - ::Looking around:: - very talented, and becoming more=
confident every day. ::Looking back at Raissa:: I think about that Ensign=
that joined us on the USS "Franken"-Solaris, and got stuck behind some doo=
rs. Fast forward several months - ::little chuckle:: when I got back to eng=
ineering after getting out of the void, she was leading things and in her e=
lement. I almost felt like I stepped on her toes. I know Teller was proud=
of her.

Wil stood up, picked up a few rocks, and "skimmed" one of them into the pon=

Moonsong: I am sure he was.

Ukinix: There is a ::skimming another rock, slightly strained voice:: senio=
r officer ::turning back to look at Raissa:: inside of her waiting to bust =
out. I wanna do everything I can to empower Charlena.

Moonsong: I know you do.

Raissa picked at some of the grass beside the blanket where she sat as she =
considered how she worded things. She glanced up at him. As chief of engine=
ering, these were going to be some of the difficult things he would have to=

Moonsong: But... there are things that I have observed since she has joined=

Wil did a double take when looking at Raissa. He threw the last of the roc=
ks into the pond, and then sat down on the blanket opposite her.

Moonsong: If you give her a task to complete, she has no problem with that.=
She enjoys fixing things. ::faint smile:: Like toddler beds. ::the smile f=
aded:: But when she is put into any kind of situation where she is responsi=
ble, her anxiety levels skyrocket. ::shreds the blade of grass.::

Wil placed his hands into his lap.

Ukinix: How high?

Moonsong: An example, the last mission. While you were primarily responsibl=
e for engineering on the bridge, she managed just fine. But the moment you =
stepped away and she was responsible, her anxiety levels shot through the r=
oof. ::pause:: Wil.... she was barely managing to stay upright.

Ukinix: It could just be first time nerves on the bridge.

Moonsong: Wil, this is not the first time I have noticed this dichotomy of =
behavior. It has not gotten better. ::sighs:: I know you do not want to hea=
r this, but it has the potential of putting the ship and crew in real dange=
r, should she... freeze at the wrong moment.

Placing his hands on his head, he grimaced a little, and pondered while cli=
cking his tongue against the roof of his mouth a few times.

Ukinix: OK.

Moonsong: The counselor would be the best person to make the determination =
of what she can or cannot handle. But if she cannot handle the responsibili=
ty, she will not rise through the ranks.

He gently bit his bottom lip and looked down. He began to think about wher=
e he had gone wrong as a leader, and what he could do to help Char. She wa=
s an excellent engineer, and a valued colleague and friend.

Moonsong: Wil, you cannot think that it is a failure on your part. It is no=
t. Not everyone, no matter how much you might wish otherwise, needs to be i=
n command. Some can handle it. Some cannot. That is simply the way it is.

He blinked his eyes a few times. He had forgotten how, between Betazoids (=
even part ones), emotions were read the same way a facial expression was. =
He didn't have to say anything for Raissa to know what he was pondering - b=
ut then again, that wasn't so surprising for someone who was a T6/E6.

Ukinix: Charlena can handle it. Maybe I'll line up a session with Counsell=
or Dugoras. You know, a professional session, not a personal one. With th=
e right guidance and leadership - ::Smiling:: Charlena will be Admiral Vanl=
ith before we know it.

Moonsong: Precisely. Helping her overcome this issue will do more for her t=
han a cheering section.

Ukinix: Understood, Rais- Comm- Rai-. ::chuckling:: I mean, I get it.

Moonsong: ::smiles at him:: Do not misunderstand me, Wil. I do like Charlen=
a. Natalia loves her Auntie "Chaw". ::soft chuckle:: But it is not my place=
to confront her. The best way to help her to be all she can be is to go th=
rough the proper channels.

He puffed up his cheeks as he blew through his mouth.

Ukinix: This is part of being a department head, huh? Personnel stuff, I m=

Moonsong: Along with all the paperwork.

Ukinix: Well. That's assuming Captain Rahman selects me as Chief.

Moonsong: Oh I have no doubt. Not that my opinion weighs in on this, but sh=
e would be insane not to.

Wil momentarily raised his eyebrows, before leaning back a little. Whateve=
r decision Captain Rahman came to, he was going to support it.

Ukinix: We'll see.

Moonsong: It is why I am worried about Charlena. ::leans back with a smug s=
mile on her face:: I am going to do everything in my power to make sure Adm=
iral Vanlith replaces you and shows everyone what a proper Chief Engineer d=
oes. After all, when I need anything done, what takes you days, she can do =
in minutes.

Wil's jaw dropped as he gave Raissa a "how dare you" smile.

Moonsong: Need I remind you of the toddler bed incident?

He rolled his eyes. The recent assembly failure in Dassa's quarters flashe=
d through his mind.

Ukinix: Charlena has got me out of the baby furniture assembly pickle sever=
al times. ::Clenching fist, pounds it on chest, bad Klingon accent:: SuvwI=
' Charlena!

(OOC: Translates to "Warrior Charlena")

Moonsong: ::chuckles:: It is the way her mind works. I may have her check o=
ut my loom. Since you and Geoffrey put it together, I am still waiting for =
it to fall apart. ::winks::

Wil picked up his empty pate, and "frisbeed" it in Raissa's direction, inte=
ntionally missing her - just.

Ukinix: ::Smirking:: I think that'll do! Besides, it was me and Chalmers t=
hat put the loom together. It'll outlast the universe.

Moonsong: I still think I will have her double check it. You might break it=

Ukinix: Hey!

Moonsong: ::innocent expression:: I am just saying.

After chuckling, Wil stood up slowly, and made his way towards Buckley. Wh=
en reaching her, he gave her a pat on her neck.

Ukinix: :To Buckley:: Aww, poor Bucks. Why such a long face?

Moonsong: Gods of my ancestors, Wil. That joke is older than the federation=

Ukinix: Hmm... maybe do the whistle clicking thing. So I don't fall off ag=

Moonsong: That sounds like a plan. But first...

Raissa directed him to help her pack things up. Then she showed him how to =
saddle the horses, double checking everything he did. She didn't want to ha=
ve to explain to the CMO why he slid under the horse to bounce his head on =
the big rocks.

As they made their way along the trail, Wil decided that they needed someth=
ing to accompany them.

His singing.

Ukinix: ::Singing:: I-been through the des-ert on-a-horse-with no-naaame...=
it felt good to be out-ooof the-rain...

Moonsong: ::rolls her eyes:: Could not help yourself, could you?

Ukinix: ::Cheekily:: C'mon Commander Moonsong, sing it with me ::Singing:: =
La la laaaaaaaa... laaaaa laaa la-la laaa...

Raissa just smirked a little. Then she treated him to the very rare privile=
ge of hearing her actually sing. Something only Jansen and Natalia have hea=
rd. She also had a remarkably good voice.

Moonsong: o/`In the desert you can't remember your name, 'Cause there ain't=
no one for to give you no pain... La la, la, la, la la la, la la la, la, l=
a o/`

As he looked at Raissa in shock, Wil's jaw dropped at first, before he smil=
ed. Her voice sounded amazing.

Moonsong: ::laughing at his expression:: What? You thought I could not sing=

Wil, still gobsmacked, took a few moments to respond.

Ukinix: Well if this Starfleet thing doesn't work out, you have a career to=
fall back on. In fact, ::snapping fingers with idea:: maybe you could sin=
g to the whole crew. You know, a morale thing.

Moonsong: No, my dear sibling... few are allowed to hear me sing. ::side ey=
e:: Tell anyone and I shall deny it and sing badly to prove it.

Hearing the word "sibling" made him smile and blush a little, as he looked =
around the countryside they were passing through. He felt close to Raissa,=
and trusted her with his life. Having never had any siblings, a person he=
called his friend and personal mentor adopting him as her "baby" brother w=
as beyond words. He looked up to Raissa - you could almost say "more than =
she realised", but given that she was a E6, that was highly unlikely.

After gathering his thoughts, he looked at Raissa.

Ukinix: Thanks for inviting me to your home.

Moonsong: Almost anything for you, my darling baby brother.

Ukinix: ::Smiling:: No worries, sis.

They spent the rest of the ride back to the house exchanging songs. Murry w=
as waiting for them at the end of the fence, contently chewing, a piece of =
hay hanging from the corner of his mouth and eyeing Wil consideringly. He s=
till had a clean boot left.

But not for long.

Ukinix: ::Looking down at boot:: What?! MURRRRRYYYYY!!!




Lt. Commander Raissa Moonsong title=3DRaissa_Moonsong>

Science Officer/Cultural XenoAnthropology

USS Veritas

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