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LtCmdr Kinan, "The sneak."

2020-03-29 12:36:07



Orrey: ::Standing and turning toward the rear of the bridge.:: Commander
Jolara please seee if you can get a message and reply from the Cardassians
about our friend.

Jolara: Aye, Captain.

Orrey: Commander Kelrod...go ahead and and move your security teams to
their yellow alert positions. Don't change the ship status just yet=

Kelrod: Understood :: he sent a message to the different chief's on his
department.. :: order sent and acknowledged.

Orrey: If we find trouble I don't want to risk anyone being out of =
place or
having to rush. ::drumming his fingers on the arm rest of the chair.::
Assuming there are not shifts in a random direction, how do you plot the
path of the planet as it passes through our space?

Jolara: Using the data given by the Cardassians on the course, speed and
times it has jumped through subspace and re-entered normal space while
traveling through their space, we've been able to make a =E2=80=9Cb=
est=E2=80=9D estimate of
where it will enter our space. ::with a swipe of her hand:: Sending the
coordinates to Helm now.

Dugoras: Response?

Orrey: Lieutenant go ahead and push us up to maximum warp, let Engineering
know as well. The third nacelle may give us problems so I want to see if we
can work on that while we are going.

Ariadust: Aye, sir. Increasing speed to maximum warp.

Ukinix: =3D/\=3D Ukinix to bridge. Masters informs me the Cardassians have
reported the planet has changed course and speed, what's our ETA o=
reaching the planet? =3D/\=3D

Ariadust: =3D/\=3D I don't think it's a course change, sir. The readings lo=
like a subspace sheer effect forming, which is distorting our readings.
That said, we're increasing speed slowly to Warp 13. ETA now one hour two
three minutes. =3D/\=3D

(Putting Rahman's new engine through its paces. What's 13 equivalent to

Kinan wasn't a warp engineer, and neither had been Etan.

Ukinix: =3D/\=3D Understood, we'll do what we can to be ready. Uki=
nix out. =3D/\=3D

Kelrod: Sir, it might be useful to use our lateral sensors to perform a
continuous subspace emission scan to follow the trail of the planet if it
goes into it. It could help us determine through which layer of subspace
it's moving, or at least determine a range of subspace layers to look for.

Orrey: Do it, see what you can find and run it against the database see if
it hits on anything.

Kinan: Been running our sensor data with it so far =E2=80=94 nothing on our=
database comes remotely close to this kind of phenomenon.

Kelrod: Once we approach to it, I suggest either a class 2 or a class 4
probe to be launched at the planet to began gathering data. At least until
we determine if there's anything intelligent on it.

Orrey: Use the class 4 the deflector shields should be helpful.

Jolara: Aye, Captain.

Dugoras: Response?

The ship shuddered =E2=80=94 a soft rattling within the deck plating that g=
rew up
into Kinan's feet to vibrate her knees.

Ariadust: Sir, we're experiencing increasing amounts of subspace
distortions. They appear to be increasing the faster we go. I think we're
in the wash of whatever is careening the planet through subspace.

Orrey: Fascinating.

Dugoras: Response?

Kelrod: As we're approaching to the planet's position, I can spare some of
the energy for the SIF.

Orrey: Do so but remember I want as much in the engines and the sensors as
we can. That way we can get the most information we can.

(A third nacelle was damaged but we're pushing it to a maximum warp...)

Akyra had been the engineer, some two decades ago, before switching fields
entirely. Kinan's eyes narrowed.

It was out of her station, she knew. But she briefly pulled up the
nacelle's range of tolerance.

Jolara: The probe is ready once we get into position.

Kelrod: As I understand, the gravitational forces of the planet ripping
through subspace could originate an interference with our warp bubble, as
the planet itself could be drawing the negative energy from the bubble's

Orrey: It would make sense.

Ariadust: Response?

Kelrod: So I guess that as we approach to it, the interference at high warp
will be greater....

Ariadust: Response?

Orrey: An hour away and already getting effects from it. This could cause
some serious damage in the local patterns of traffic if we aren't c=
how we handle this.

The shaking remained constant.

Until it stopped.

(*It stopped*.)

oO Quite the astute observation. Thank you, I hadn't noticed. Oo

Orrey: Helm what is our ETA?

Ariadust: Response?

Orrey: Still that far out..then why has the sheer faded away?

Ariadust: Response?

Orrey: Can either of you see the planet on the sensors still?

The Trill swapped back to the external sensor readout.

Kinan: No sir =E2=80=94 external sensors do not have it in range.

Kelrod: Response?

Orrey: If we can't see it then it has jumped into subspace...Helm, =
stop. Commander go to Red Alert.

Kelrod: Response?

The Bridge fell silent. Anticipation fell over the officers, all standing
at their stations, waiting for something =E2=80=94 *anything* =E2=80=94 to =
happen. Perhaps
they *had* lost it (more like *Kinan* lost it =E2=80=94 you were meant to b=
watching it...) --

The proximity alert sounded before the officers were struck with the
realisation of a subspace-jumping planetoid on a direct collision course
with *Veritas*. By a stroke of luck, it passed =E2=80=94 or jumped again =
=E2=80=94 out of

Orrey: Turn us around and get after it! As soon as we get a line on it
launch those probes. ::Jansen straightened himself and reasserted his calm
control of himself.:: Commander Jolara, just in case the other main teams
are not aware of what just happened do let them know we have caught up to
our target.

Jolara: Aye.

Ariadust/Kelrod/Dugoras: Response?

Kinan switched back to the nacelle readout. The third nacelle, still under
Engineering's watchful eye, was undergoing some stress, but nothing to be
worried about.

Her fingers inputted commands into her console. She had to record this data=

(Sneaky sneaky...)

Not sneaky. Prudent. Important.

Jolara: I find it extremely hard to believe what just happened was the
result of a natural phenomena.

Kinan: You think someone could construct technology capable of propelling
an entire planet through subspa-

The ship rocked hard to the left, officers catching railing to keep
upright. Kinan heart thumped out of her chest =E2=80=94 were they struck by
something? Was that weapons fire?

(She knew weapons fire. This wasn't that.)

Orrey: Response?

Ariadust: Response?

A blown warp nacelle.

(Called it.)

Kinan: Veritas can still function with three, correct?

Orrey/Ariadust: Response?

Kelrod: Response?

Kinan: Wouldn't we risk over-clocking the other nacelles chasing after this
thing all day?

Ariadust: Response?

Jolara/Dugoras/Orrey: Response?

Tbc . . .

LtCmdr Kinan Venroe
Personnel Officer
Cait Spacedock

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