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Lt Wil Ukinix - Shake It Up

2020-03-29 14:14:03


((Main Engineering, Deck 8, USS Veritas))

As Charlena went to work, Wil brought up the same logs on the console next =
to her, to see if there were any references to Structural Integrity Field e=
nhancements. He scrolled through the logs and came across an "interesting"=
little fact.

Ukinix: Hey, check that out. Their Chief Engineer was at helm when they fl=
ew close to the graviton ellipse. Pfft, bloody show off.

Vanlith: ::looking up chuckling:: I think us engineers have done enough fly=
ing recently. I vote we leave that to the pros.

Wil chuckled, and shrugged his shoulders. He then kept scrolling through t=
he logs and got confirmation - the structural integrity field would defini=
tely need to be reinforced to cater for the gravimetric shear they were lik=
ely to encounter. He moved back to the Main Status Display and ran some mo=
delling on the SIFs with the forces they were likely to encounter.

Masters: Excuse me Mr. Ukinix? I think we might have a problem. Can you com=
e here for a moment. According to my reading, it looks like from what the C=
ardassians have said it looks like the plaetoid has changed course and spee=

Wil rounded the MSD and made his way over to Chase's console, looking at th=
e results.

Ukinix: I wonder if that's a sign it's going back to subspace?

Masters: Response

Ukinix: Thanks Chase, ::walking back to MSD:: keep monitoring the sensor re=
adings, and extrapolate a heading. Knowing where it's going might help us =
adapt any modifications we make. Look for any signs that it might be going=
back to subspace.

Masters: Response

Ukinix: =3D/\=3D Ukinix to bridge. Masters informs me the Cardassians have=
reported the planet has changed course and speed, what's our ETA on reach=
ing the planet? =3D/\=3D

Ariadust: =3D/\=3D I don't think it's a course change, sir. The readings lo=
ok like a subspace sheer effect forming, which is distorting our readings. =
That said, we're increasing speed slowly to Warp 13. ETA now one hour two t=
hree minutes. =3D/\=3D

Ukinix: =3D/\=3D Understood, we'll do what we can to be ready. Ukinix out.=

Vanlith: Sir. It looks like we are going to have to adapt our power usage.

Ukinix: What sort of power usage?

Vanlith: A major decrease. As it moves in and out of subspace particularly =
it will gravitate towards magnetic, electromagnetic and gravitational field=
s. The Veritas will easily emit enough to draw it towards us on a collision=
course. Especially considering the Voyager had that problem almost instant=

Ukinix: ::Nodding:: OK, start making the mods straight away. I'll inform t=
he bridge.

Vanlith: ::smiling:: Aye Sir.

Wil tapped away at the console, sending a message to the bridge informing t=
hem of the changes to the power ratios that were about to be applied to dif=
ferent systems.

Alse: Responses

Masters: Response

Vanlith: Modifications being put into place. But they will need to be close=
ly monitored Sir.

Right at that moment, the ship started to shake. A lot. Wil grabbed the e=
dge of the MSD and tapped a few times, as the shaking stopped.

He looked at the display in front of him and could see that Warp 12 suddenl=
y became Warp 11. Ceciri had dropped the warp engines back a notch at the =
first sign of the rattling the entire ship was getting.

Ukinix: OK, send through a feed of the affected systems on wall display Alp=
ha so I can help you keep an eye on it.

Vanlith: Happily Sir ::tapping away at the console:: I'll let you know when=
everything is in place.

Wil nodded, before the ship began shaking again. He held on to the MSD and=
wondered how much they would have been thrown if it weren't for the inerti=
al dampers.

Ukinix: What are they doing up there? You could chuck the ingredients of a =
whisky sour into a glass and it'd be instantly shaken.

Vanlith/Masters/Alse: Response

Ukinix: ::Looking at display:: We're getting closer to the planet, it's int=
erfering with our warp bubble.

Vanlith/Masters/Alse: Response

Ukinix: Nah, keep doing what you're doing until something chang-

Suddenly, the ship stopped shaking.

Ukinix: OK, something's changed. Happy hour's off, everyone.

Vanlith/Masters/Alse: Response

Wil turned to look at the other wall display. The planet had... gone?

The engineering bay turned to a reddish hue as the ship went to red alert. =
Wil tapped the console to switch the second wall display to the visual fee=
d that the bridge was getting. An eerie silence fell over the bay, as most=
people turned to look at the main wall display - which showed a ribbon of =
energy opening like an eye, complete with its own pupil. The pupil quickly=
turned into an eyeball and shot out of the eye shaped energy thingo.

Wil felt a wave of shock rush over him, as the eyeball, "coincidentally" th=
e size of a planet, decided that it didn't particularly like engineering so=
unding all quiet. Warning klaxons began to sound. Wil turned to the displ=
ay and saw a bunch of red. A large gravimetric distortion field had played=
havoc with some of the ship's systems.

Some person named "Murphy" had decided, at that point, that their stupid la=
w applied to the Veritas.

Ukinix: ::To Char:: Lieutenant Vanlith, shut down all non-essential systems=
and re-reroute power to the warp, impulse, and SIFs!

Vanlith: Response

Ukinix: ::To Chase:: Ensign Masters, perform an analysis of the Veritas sen=
sor feeds, provide Charlena with any information you can on the planet's ef=
fects and the gravimetric distortion field, so she can make necessary power=

Masters: Response

Ukinix: ::To Tahlin:: Ensign Alse, I'm sending ::tapping console:: a repair=
team to auxiliary shield generators, but ::gesturing with chin towards mai=
n doors:: head up to the Engineering Console on the bridge, and triage repa=
ir teams based on Commander Orrey's priorities. Keep me informed.

Alse: Response

Wil placed his hands on his cheeks and over his mouth for a moment, before =
drawing in a deep breath though his fingers. He then silently let out a fe=
w swear words under his breath.

That must have made "Murphy" angry - because the ship then lurched wildly. =
Wil grabbed on to the MSD for dear life. His hands slipped, and he fell o=
n his backside with a "thud", before sliding along the floor into the Engin=
eering Lab, which politely slide its door open for him.

The fixed-to-the-floor stool in the lab that stopped his slide wasn't so po=
lite. The muscles below his right shoulder blade felt like someone had kne=
ed him in the back. He winced in pain, before standing up, and walking as =
quickly as he could out of the door, rubbing the bruises that were forming =
on his backside.

Wil limped his way over to the MSD. It was redder than a baboon's bottom (=
and possibly his own at that moment) and showed that Nacelle 3 was blown. =
He tapped his combadge.

Ukinix: =3D/\=3D ::Anxiously:: XioLoupazReport! =3D/\=3D

Xio/Loupaz: =3D/\=3D Responses =3D/\=3D

He let out a line of swear words under his breath that were strong enough t=
o generate its own gravimetric sheer.

Ukinix: =3D/\=3D Repairable? =3D/\=3D

Xio/Loupaz: =3D/\=3D Responses =3D/\=3D

Masters/Vanlith: Responses


Lieutenant Wil Ukinix
Acting Executive Officer & Acting Chief Engineer
USS Veritas

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