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Lt Solak - The Prudent Ghost

2020-03-29 14:38:16


((Astrometrics Lab, USS Veritas))

Alentonis: So, the theory I came up with was that it has some sort of intel=
ligent life which was able to utilize a weird sort of computer to cloak the=
planet, which requires intelligent life in order to operate the system. I =
don't know if it was capable of generating warp capacity as well. Commander=
Moonsong's theory is that it could be some kind of AI based on a prior exp=
erience she had in the Menthar Corridor.

It was awkward enough when "the ghost" walked up on unsuspecting crewmates,=
and had unintentionally startled them in the process. If he wasn't Vulcan=
, he'd have probably lost count of how many times it had happened since he =
joined Starfleet.

(One hundred and thirty eight, by the way.)

Moonsong/Alexander-Dalton: Response

But not being noticed when he as standing at a corner console monitoring th=
e feed from the ship's sensors was a new one.

Alentonis: Your guess is as good as mine.

Moonsong/Alexander-Dalton: Response

Solak: ::With raised eyebrow:: An educated hypothesis based on known facts =
is far more prudent.

Moonsong/Alexander-Dalton/Alentonis Responses

Solak: My apologies. It was not my intention to startle you. I am monitor=
ing the effects of the gravitational forces of the phenomena on local space=
. I am also attempting to determine the origin of the rouge planet.

The ship began to increasingly vibrate. Solak grabbed onto his console, be=
fore tapping the screen a few times. It showed that the planet's gravitati=
onal forces were affecting the Veritas' warp field.

Moonsong/Alexander-Dalton/Alentonis Responses

Suddenly, the vibrations stopped, before the room was bathed in red light.

Moonsong/Alexander-Dalton/Alentonis: Responses

Solak: ::Raising eyebrow:: The planet seems to have, to use a crude analogy=
, "disappeared".

Moonsong/Alexander-Dalton/Alentonis: Responses

As the ship lurched, Solak grabbed on to the top of the consoles. He felt =
his legs give way under him briefly, before they landed back on the ground.

Solak: I find it illogical that Starfleet does not implement safety harness=
es for elevated alert levels.

Moonsong/Alexander-Dalton/Alentonis: Responses


Lieutenant Solak
Stellar Cartographer
USS Veritas

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