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Cmdr. Kelrod: Say hello to the Rogue Planet

2020-03-29 14:33:02


*((Bridge, Deck 1 - USS Veritas)) *
*IC: *

The whole bridge was focused on trying to get the most information
possible before their rendezvous with the planet. Little they know
that their time was about to be cut short.

*Kelrod*: So I guess that as we approach to it, the interference at high
warp will be greater....

*Ariadust*: Response

*Orrey*: An hour away and already getting effects from it. This could cause
some serious damage in the local patterns of traffic if we aren't c=
how we handle this.

The ship continued on its path for a good bit of time when nearly as
they got used to the shaking, it suddenly stopped.

*Orrey:* Helm what is our ETA?

*Ariadust*: Response?

*Orrey*: Still that far out..then why has the sheer faded away?

Jansen let his eyes dart back and forth for a moment as he considered what
could have caused it.

*Orrey*: Can either of you see the planet on the sensors still?

*Kinan*: No sir =E2=80=94 external sensors do not have it in range.

*Kelrod*: I don't read it on my sensors either.

*Orrey*: If we can't see it then it has jumped into subspace...Helm=
, full
stop. Commander go to Red Alert.

Kelrod activated the red alert sequence, checking that the shields
operate at full strength and the phasers were on stand by, ready to charge
and fire at a moments notice. He accessed the security personnel monitor to
check on the deployment of the security to their designated areas. With the
left hand, he opened the SIF monitor to check for any structural problem
that may arise.

There was a moment of stillness, then through the main viewscreen a
distortion appeared that almost took the appearance of an eye opening
before the planet appeared hurtling toward the Veritas. The proximity
alarms sounded all over the bridge and Kelrod braced himself as he saw what
seemed to be the planet appearing out of subspace and passing through the
subspace distortion. For a moment Kelrod waited to feel the impact on the
shields, if not through the hull and tear them to pieces, but the odds were
in their favor and the planet just passed by. He locked the tactical
sensors on the planet. Not that he's going to fire at it, but it'll help
keep track of it.

*Orrey*: Turn us around and get after it! As soon as we get a line on it
launch those probes. ::Jansen straightened himself and reasserted his calm
control of himself.:: Commander Jolara, just incase the other main teams
are not aware of what just happened do let them know we have caught up to
our target.

*Jolara:* Aye.

*Ariadust/Kinan/Jolara/Dugoras*: Response?

*Jolara:* I find it extremely hard to believe what just happened was the
result of a natural phenomena.

*Kinan*: You think someone could construct technology capable of propelling
an entire planet through subspa-

The ship rocked hard to the left, officers catching railing to keep
upright. Kelrod couldn't help but think of ancient species that had
technology far superior to what they had.

*Orrey*: Response?

*Ariadust*: Response?

Kelrod recovered and checked his systems. One of the nacelles took a
extreme damage. The shields registered a high kinetic impact with some
energy disperion through the rest that prevented further damage.

*Kinan*: Veritas can still function with three, correct?

*Orrey/Ariadust:* Response?

*Kelrod*: It was a huge impact on the shields. They couldn't keep
everything out and that's why the nacelle received damage. I suggest we
increase distance from the planet.

*Kinan*: Wouldn't we risk over-clocking the other nacelles chasing after
this thing all day?

*Ariadust*: Response?

*Jolara/Dugoras/Orrey*: Response?

*Kelrod*: Target locked and sent to the probes guidance system. Launching

The class four probe left the Veritas behind at 0.5c and darted towards
the planet. It took it a few moments for it to catch us with the rogue
planet and start trasmitting data.

*Kelrod*: Captain :: he said as it was tradition :: in the brief moment the
planet passed through subspace we managed to get some readings. I can't
make exactly what layer of subspace it's going through but if it does
again, we can compare if it's the same and then determine how it moves
through it.

*Orrey/Jolara*: Response

*Kelrod*: Aye sir.

*Kinan/Ariadust/Dugoras*: Response

Kelrod started some scans of the planet, mostly looking for signs of
infrastructures, artifical energy sources or any incoming threat that it
could harm them.


Commander Kelrod d>

*Chief Of Security
Veritas *

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