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Lieutenant JG Groznin Smith - Triangular Formation sightings.

2020-03-29 22:41:03


((Ships Library, Deck 4, USS Veritas))

Groznin waited for the lieutenant just off to the side of the small annex
that the rest of the team had been meeting in. She was Klingon so Groznin
decided to greet her by speaking in Klingon. He had learnt it to better
communicate with the Klingons when dealing with Jang to show them respect
and prove to them he was capable of raising a Klingon Child.

Smith: nuqneH Lieutenant.

G'Var:::Raising a brow:: Your use of Klingon is...intriguing. What =
I want
is for us to start piecing together a possible path this Rogue Planet of
ours may have taken through two quadrants before it made its way through
Cardassian Space. If we can found out where it has been we may find out
where it is going, and if it means any harm as it travels through the
Shoals. ::crossing her arms:: If I may ask where did you learn Klingon?
Your use of the Familiar is more familial than Professional.

He laughed a little. He often got that response when he spoke Klingon. With
Jang no longer being on board with him it was difficult for people to
really understand why he'd learn Klingon but he was proud of the fa=
ct he
had a Klingon son and even prouder to be a member of the House of Upex

Smith: Yes. My son is Klingon. I'm also a member of the House of Up=
ex. I
took some Klingon at the academy to better communicate with Klingons due to
my son.. well adopted son being Klingon.

G'Var:::letting a breath out:: Interesting. You'll have to tell me =
how it
was that you adopted a Klingon child. For now let's focus on our current
assignment. I'd like to start combining through the files the Cardassians
sent us then look for any similar reports from around the Alpha Quadrant. I
want to see if we can locate the path this thing has taken. If we know
where it's been we may find out where it is going.

Smith: It is quite the story.. I don't talk about it much anymore a=
s it
brings back some memories that I'd rather not bring back to the sur=
face but
I'd be pleased to discuss it with you one day.. ::He realised he ha=
started to go off on a tangent so nodded a little before going back to the
mission:: Anyway what will we be needing to?

G'var::: cocking her head:: Our job will be to complete a Tactical and
Threat assessment of our new friend out there. Commander Orrey may call for
an away team and I would like to be as prepared as possible for any
contingencies. We don't want to accidentally trigger any natural defenses.

He scratched his head a little and nodded it slowly. Having an away team to
the rogue planet seemed a little risky in his own assessment of the
situation. With it being able to move inbetween subspace randomly who knows
what would happen to someone on it. With his own experience of being thrown
through a subspace rift he wouldn't want to put that on anyone.

Smith: Seems a bit risky doesn't it? Sending an away team to the ro=
planet.. I don't know about that=E2=80=A6 ::Under his breath:: Gues=
s that's not my
place too say though. ::In his normal voice:: should we split up Or..?

G'var:::rubbing her chin:: Fair enough Groz, ::taking a breath:: let's do
this we each take and hour, go over the available data we have. Then
reconvene and check each other's work. We can review what we've found and
then report back to the Commander.

He didn't think going to do their own research was the best thing t=
o do. In
Groznin's eyes sitting down together and going through it with each=
At least that's what would make the most sense to him. But if the
lieutenant wanted roc do it that way then that would be the way that he
gathered it would be.

Smith: Sounds good.

G'var:::smirking:: And as quiet as you can. We are not in the
Security Center, we're in a Library. ::offering Rosemary a bright smile::

Groznin knew he was in a library. It seemed a little odd to be reminded of
the fact. He knew to be quiet he'd practically spent most of his ch=
on the USS Kent sitting in the kids section of the library when his parents
were on duty.

Smith: I know.

He started to walk off towards a shelf which had a collection of books on
it. G'Var then spoke again which caught his attention, he turned ba=
ck and

G'var: Let's see what we have in an hour, Good luck as well Groz

He nodded. Groznin carried on walking towards the boom shelf and looked for
a moment to see if there was any book that could help him. There wasn=E2=80=
after a small sigh he walked over to a small PADD depository, taking one he
then walked over to a small table to sit down at it.

He looked through the PADD at the available data that he had available. It
was a little tough to go through everything after all it was the first time
he'd seen anything like this. For all he knew it was the first time=
had seen something like this.

One thing he had noticed was that three of the sightings noted down by the
cardassians were in a triangular formation. The first being in the star
system Omelka, the second being Velos and the third.. that was more
complicated it was noted down as being just outside the Penthara system
which was a Federation system. He scratched his head. It was a border
system so he guessed it was either long range sensors or they had hidden
ships there.. that worried him slightly but the last time that it was noted
being there was in what was in federation timings the 2250s. He was unaware
if Penthara was a federation system at that time.

((OOC: map used for the systems:

Groznin heard a voice from just behind him. It seems to be Commander
Rouiancet. He turned and listens.

Rouiancet: How's it going, Lieutenants?

G'var: response

Smith: Not bad sir. I found some information that could help.

He listened in hoping to have a reply into what he had found but he wasn=E2=
asked it was simply an overarching statement to them both.

Rouiancet: I wanted to let you know that the rest of the team is shifting
to Astrometrics now that we're on final approach to the planet. Would you
like to accompany us?

Smith: I will. You lieutenant?

G'Var: response

He was happy she would accompany them. Groznin wanted to know what his
fellow officer had found and If it would bear any correlation to what he
had found. If it did they could be into something but if it didn't =
then he
wouldn't know where they would look next.

Rouiancet: Very good. So, tell me your thoughts thus far.

Smith: Well I discovered that there was at one point a triangular formation
in which the rouge planet was spotted. Once in the cardassian system
Omelka, then next in Again the cardassin system Velos. Then what is now the
federation system of Penthara.. but I don't know if it was a federa=
tion in
the 2250s which was when this sighting pattern was last recorded. ::He
turned to G'var:: What about you lieutenant?

G'Var: response

He nodded as they walked.

Rouiancet: ?

Thinking before Groznin thought deeply he tried to think if they were
linked at all, while he did take an Astronomy course at the academy it had
been a while since he'd properly studied the stars and planets that=
lived in.

Smith: honestly I don't know we'd have a better chance of knowing i=
f we
could lay it all out on the big monitor in astrometrics.

Rouiancet/G'var: ?

He scratched his head further. Off the top of his head they might be
slightly correlated. He mapped Cardassian Space the best he could in his
mind but he drew a blank.

Smith: Sorry I just really can't think of it right now. I think the=
y may be
close to each other off the top of my head but not directly next to each

Rouiancet/G'var: ?

They reached astrometrics and they all walked into the room. It was much
smaller than the other astrometrics rooms he had been in before, especially
smaller than the Gorkon's but he expected as much from a smaller sh=
ip. It
was still as fascinating and he was very much looking forward to working

((Astrometrics, USS Veritas))

Smith: Will we be able to get everything up on the screen?

Lieutenant JG Groznin Smith
USS Veritas

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