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Lt. Ceciri Ariadust - Tag with Large Objects

2020-03-30 03:56:58


((Bridge, Deck 1 - USS Veritas))

The ship continued on its path for a good bit of time when nearly as they
got used to the shaking, it suddenly stopped.

Orrey: Helm what is our ETA?

Ariadust: Seventy-three minutes.

Orrey: Still that far out..then why has the sheer faded away?

Jansen let his eyes dart back and forth for a moment as he considered what
could have caused it.

Orrey: Can either of you see the planet on the sensors still?

Kinan: No sir =E2=80=94 external sensors do not have it in range.

Kelrod: I don't read it on my sensors either.

Orrey: If we can't see it then it has jumped into subspace...Helm, =
stop. Commander go to Red Alert.

Orrey: Turn us around and get after it! As soon as we get a line on it
launch those probes. ::Jansen straightened himself and reasserted his calm
control of himself.:: Commander Jolara, just incase the other main teams
are not aware of what just happened do let them know we have caught up to
our target.

Jolara: Aye.

Ariadust: Aye, sir. ::Ceciri turned the ship over to orient it towards the

Dugoras: Response?

Jolara: I find it extremely hard to believe what just happened was the
result of a natural phenomena.

Kinan: You think someone could construct technology capable of propelling
an entire planet through subspa-

Ceciri didn't, but she suspected it could have been due to something else.
A cataclysmic accident.. or a unimagineable weapon. She was about to speak
up when the ship shook and alarms blared for a second

Orrey: What was that?

Ariadust: Third nacelle failed, warp field is skewing.

Kinan: Veritas can still function with three, correct?

Orrey: Of course it can. ::shaking his head:: What happened?

Ariadust: I'm reading failures from the nacelle.. I would imagine it got

Kelrod: It was a huge impact on the shields. They couldn't keep everything
out and that's why the nacelle received damage. I suggest we increase
distance from the planet.

Kinan: Wouldn't we risk over-clocking the other nacelles chasing after this
thing all day?

Ariadust: Sort of, we only have one redundant nacelle at over Warp 10
speeds. We can still maintain normal operations at under Warp 10.

Orrey: Get the probes ready and deployed. Make sure that they get in orbit
around the thing.

Jolara/Dugoras: Response?

Kelrod: Target locked and sent to the probes guidance system. Launching

The class four probe left the Veritas behind at 0.5c and darted towards the
planet. It took it a few moments for it to catch us with the rogue planet
and start trasmitting data.

Kelrod: Captain :: he said as it was tradition :: in the brief moment the
planet passed through subspace we managed to get some readings. I can't
make exactly what layer of subspace it's going through but if it does
again, we can compare if it's the same and then determine how it moves
through it.

Orrey: Helpful. Very helpful transmit that to the science team so they can
receive the same data we are.

Jolara: Response

Kelrod: Aye sir.

Ariadust: Something about this subspace sheer.. ::Ceciri frowned.:: It
looks like I've seen it before.

Ceciri was trying to remember where, though, as she had done a lot of study
while stationed on New Galway for a doctoral thesis. While terraforming was
a lot of work, sometimes it was 'sit down and wait for processes' to work.

Kinan/Dugoras: Response

Orrey: =3D/\=3D Orrey to Ukinix =3D/\=3D

Ukinix: =3D/\=3D Response? =3D/\=3D

Orrey: =3D/\=3D Is there a repair timetable for that blasted nacelle? =3D/\=

Ukinix: =3D/\=3DResponse? =3D/\=3D

Orrey: =3D/\=3D If we can't get it done just focus on the remaining=
Orrey out. =3D/\=3D

Orrey: Drop us out of warp while we are following it. If it jumps again we
can attempt to follow the trail it leaves behind.

Ariadust: Aye, sir.. ::Ceciri dropped from warp speed, but then the ship
began to shake subtly. ::

Orrey: What can we see about the surface so far? Does anything down there
seem to fit with anything in the databases?

Kelrod/Kinan/Jolara: Response?

Ariadust: The planet is changing course and headed directly at us. Time to
impact now seventy seconds. ::Ceciri had a terrible idea, and she suspected
she knew what was causing it.:: I have an idea, sir. I think what causes
the planets course is the epiphenomena of subspace waves caused by a warp
field:: Ceciri's hands are flying as she speaks.:: There are some recorded
incidents, and this might explain those stories..

Kelrod/Kinan/Jolara/Dugroas/Orrey: Responses

Ariadust: If I'm correct, an inverse warp field would repel the planet,
rather than cause it to accelerate and impact us. We might have to actually
find the subspace harmonic frequency of the warp field it emanates to allow
it to jump to halt the planet if we want to safely land on it.

Kelrod/Kinan/Jolara/Dugroas/Orrey: Responses

Ariadust: There was an incident similar to this encountered by the USS
Swiftsure in the 2380s. I had cause to study it in depth for a thesis
recently, sir. ::wry::

Kelrod/Kinan/Jolara/Dugroas/Orrey: Responses


Lt. Ceciri Ariadust

Helm Officer

USS Veritas


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