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Lieutenant Commander Dassa Alexander-Dalton: A Bit More To Go On

2020-03-31 04:38:04


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(( Ship's Library, Deck 4 -- USS Veritas ))

Alexander-Dalton: ::brow furrows:: Adjusting the sensors and...

Dassa arched an eyebrow as the results of the scans began to propagate on
the screen. Scans indicated lifeforms, though she couldn't determin=
e what
kind or how many. They were scattered in small groupings that looked more
like blobs given the distance between them and the planetoid.

Rouiancet: Hmm. So our rogue is very unusual.

Alexander-Dalton: Very. ::enters a series of commands and scowls:: I=E2=80=
done the best I can with the sensors. ::pauses:: There's definitely=
down there, which indicates that the planetoid has enough mass to keep
things on the ground.

Rouiancet: Interesting. Do we know anything more about that life?

Alexander-Dalton: ::shakes her head:: We're still too far away. ::l=
up:: If Commander Orrey does decide to send an away team, our best bet
would be EVA suits.

Given that they had no idea what conditions they would face on the planet,
it was better to be safe than sorry. If she'd learned anything in h=
er time
with Starfleet it was to be prepared for the worst case scenario...within
reason of course.

Rouiancet: Agreed. Whatever it is, it's probably not life as we know it.
(beat) What about general planetary conditions?

Alexander-Dalton: Based on scans, the gravity down there shouldn't =
enough to crush us. But I can't get a clear idea as to the climate =
or the
terrain from this distance.

Rouiancet: I'm sure we'll have a clearer idea once we're closer. And I
imagine that, if we can go down in EVA suits, we will.

Alexander-Dalton: ::nods:: It's possible.

There was always the chance that even EVA sits wouldn't be enough t=
protect them. However, more in depth scans would answer that in due time.

Rouiancet: (with a smile) We are explorers, after all.

Dassa smiled and nodded. Her role on away missions wasn't typically
exploration, though in certain situations, she had the opportunity to
encounter new species. It was always a nice change of pace from patching
people up or trying to find a cure for a deadly plague. As a scientist, she
looked forward to opportunities to study the physiology of a new species.

Rouiancet: Let's put together a short report on the physical feasibility of
an away team. I'll bet Commander Orrey will want a recommendation.

Alexander-Dalton: ::nods:: Sounds about right. Though we're going t=
o need
more information on the atmospheric composition among other things before
we can say with reasonable certainty that EVA suits will be enough to
protect the team.

Rouiancet: And if we do go, you should go. There's no telling what kind of
havoc that planet could wreak, even if it seems safe. (beat) I mean, we'll
take all precautions, of course. But it would make me feel better if a
physician went with any away team.

Dassa looked up at that, arching an eyebrow. Wasn't Commander Rouia=
ncet a
physician? By that line of logic, Dassa would just be an extra set of hands
in an emergency situation. She wasn't about to turn down the opport=
unity to
explore the rogue planet, however.

Though Sickbay was usually her comfort zone, she'd found herself st=
out of it more of late. Her unexpected promotion had her considering
command possibilities. She'd never really considered herself the ty=
pe to
wear a red collar, but the mission on Ketar V had given her a bit of a
taste and she'd be lying if she said she hadn't enjoyed lea=
ding a team.
There had been a certain satisfaction in it.

Moonsong: Commander?

Dassa turned toward Raissa.

Rouiancet: Hello, Raissa. How can I help?

Moonsong: I am thinking that Alentonis and I go to the astrometrics lab. We
can use the system to create a holographic model as the data comes in.

Rouiancet: That sounds like an excellent plan to me.

It was a good thought. Hopefully, she'd be able to modify the senso=
further to get more details or she could find a way to strengthen the
probe's signa. They couldn't run simulations without data, =
of course.

Alentonis: We could use the imaging technology in astrometrics to create a
video feed and see what we're up against.

Moonsong: It would certainly give us a more comprehensive view of the
planetoid. We can also tie it into the navigational sensors to aid in
tracking its course.

Rouiancet: Even better.

Moonsong: There are many theories=E2=80=A6 ::glances at Alentonis:: But the=
re is
nothing concrete yet.

Rouiancet: If there's one thing I'm sure about, it's that we'll know much
more as we approach.

Moonsong: Of course=E2=80=A6 we could all adjourn there if you are ready=E2=
::gestures around the library:: In all honesty, while this works for some
research=E2=80=A6 We believe the data from our own probes and sensors will =
give us
what we need.

Alexander-Dalton: ::nods:: Agreed. Sensors here can only provide us with so
much. I think the telemetry we get from the probes will serve us much

Rouiancet: Good idea. Why don't you three go ahead, and I'll gather up the
lieutenants. We'll meet you there in a few minutes.

Dassa nodded, already running scenarios in her head to boost the probe=E2=
signal. While she wasn't an Engineer by trade, she'd hung a=
round Lael and
Anjar that she'd picked up a few tricks. Worst case, she could call=
down to
Engineering for the man's help. Hopefully Lieutenant Ukinix wouldn=
't object
if that became necessary.

Alentonis: Okeydoke.

Moonsong: ::nods:: Yes, Commander.

Alexander-Dalton: Response

Rouiancet: Good luck. See you shortly.

Dassa nodded and the three made their way out of the library and toward the
astrometrics lab. She glanced in Tim's direction, noting his silenc=
e. She
could swear she was picking up on a slight tension between the other two,
but said nothing. Her gaze met Tim's and she smiled, offering a rea=

Moonsong: We have upgraded our lab while we were in spacedock.

Alexander-Dalton: ::arches an eyebrow:: Oh?

Alentonis: Response

Moonsong: We are quite proud of its capabilities.

Alentonis: Response

She nodded, but remained silent. Astronomy wasn't her forte and she
couldn't really relate to a lot of the talk surrounding the topic. =
learned over the years that it was better to remain silent and appear not
to understand a topic than to speak and appear foolish. The three walked
the remaining distance until they arrived at the astrometrics lab.

(( Astrometrics Lab, Deck 4 -- USS Veritas ))

When she first entered, she'd thought they were alone. It took her =
a moment
to catch sight of the moment in a far corner of the room. It was only a
flicker of a glimpse and she managed to contain her surprise, staying
focused on the issue at hand.

Alentonis: So, the theory I came up with was that it has some sort of
intelligent life which was able to utilize a weird sort of computer to
cloak the planet, which requires intelligent life in order to operate the
system. I don't know if it was capable of generating warp capacity =
as well.
Commander Moonsong's theory is that it could be some kind of AI bas=
ed on a
prior experience she had in the Menthar Corridor.

Moonsong: I merely suggested it as one of many possibilities.

Alexander-Dalton: ::nods:: It would have to be some sort of technological
being...unless there's something I'm missing and this rogue=
planet can
indeed support biological life.

Alentonis: Your guess is as good as mine.

Solak: ::With raised eyebrow:: An educated hypothesis based on known facts
is far more prudent.

Dassa tensed. She'd known the man was in the room, but hadn=E2=80=
=99t expected him
to approach them. Combined with her intense focus on their situation, she
jumped slightly. A wry, unamused grin twisted her lips. A look at him
revealed that the man was Vulcan, which explained the weak empathic
presence she felt from him.

Alentonis: Response

Solak: My apologies. It was not my intention to startle you. I am
monitoring the effects of the gravitational forces of the phenomena on
local space. I am also attempting to determine the origin of the rogue

Dassa opened her mouth to reply, but was taken off guard by the increase in
the vibrations she felt through the deck plating. She saw both the Vulcan
and Raissa brace themselves and she did the same, barely managing to keep
herself upright at the change in momentum.

Moonsong: I believe we have arrived at our target.

Alexander-Dalton: ::nods:: A fair guess given all the shaking.

Alentonis: Response

The transition from regular lighting to the crimson of the red alert
lighting took her a bit by surprise, but at least the vibrations had

Moonsong: What is happening?

Alentonis: Response

Solak: ::Raising eyebrow:: The planet seems to have, to use a crude
analogy, "disappeared".

Moonsong: Has it entered subspace again?

Alexander-Dalton: ::inclines her head:: More than likely.

Alentonis: Response

Again, the ship jerked sharply and Dassa found herself scrambling for
something to hold that would keep her upright. She resisted the urge to
scowl. Though she'd been living on starships long enough that she k=
new this
sort of thing was expected from time to time, it was still slightly
irritating. If she wasn't quick enough on her feet so to speak, she=
'd find
herself knocked off of them and lying on the cold, hard deck.

Solak: I find it illogical that Starfleet does not implement safety
harnesses for elevated alert levels.

Moonsong: ::softly:: Or seatbelts=E2=80=A6

Alexander-Dalton: ::grins unamusedly:: Where would they install them?

Alentonis: Response

At last, the jerking and shaking settled and Dassa let out a relieved sigh,
but maintained her grip on the console.

Moonsong: ::letting out a breath:: It looks like they were able to get a
probe launched.

Alexander-Dalton: We can only hope.

Alentonis/Solak: Response

A moment later, an alert sounded from the console notifying them that the
probe had been launched.

Moonsong: ::nodding:: The data is starting to come in now. ::she glanced
toward Solak:: Maybe you can focus on tracking it through whatever layer of
subspace it is dancing with?

Solak: Response

Moonsong: The rest of us can start mapping the surface and see what we can

Dassa inclined her head and slowly released her grip on the console and
went around to the other side of it, keying in the command that would grant
her access to the system before making the necessary modifications to boost
the probe's signal.

Alexander-Dalton: oO Not bad for a doctor. Oo

Alentonis: Response

The modifications worked decently well and the new readings were giving
them a clearer picture than they'd had moments before. It still was=
n't as
much data as she would have liked, but hopefully it would be enough to
parse out a decent simulation that would help them determine if an away
team was even safe.

In the midst of her work, the doors opened with a familiar whoosh. She
looked up to see the other three members of their team enter.

Smith: Will we be able to get everything up on the screen?

Alexander-Dalton: ::nods:: What we had. But the probe has been launched, so
we're getting more information as we speak. We still won't =
have everything
we want. However, we might at least get what we need.

Alentonis/G'var: Responses

A glance at Raissa and she noted the contemplative look on the woman=E2=80=
face. She frowned.

Alexander-Dalton: Raissa? Are you all right?

It was a moment before Raissa acknowledged that she'd spoken, an al=
sheepish smile on her lips.

Moonsong: I am sorry. I was trying to remember something.

Alexander-Dalton: ::brow furrows:: Something about the planet?

Moonsong: ::shakes her head:: It was something familiar, but I do not know
what. The new data is coming in, so we should begin to have some answers
for you, Commander.

Alexander-Dalton: ::studies the incoming telemetry:: It looks like it has
an atmosphere, but it's toxic to carbon-based lifeforms. ::looks up:: We=E2=
definitely need EVA suits.

Alentonis/Moonsong/G'var/Smith: Responses

Alexander-Dalton: ::nods:: Right. ::to Solak:: Are you getting any more
data on the atmospheric conditions down there, Lieutenant?

Solak: Response

Alentonis/Moonsong/G'var/Smith: Responses

Alexander-Dalton: Right. We'll need to account for that when we=E2=
=80=99re planning
for supplies.

Alentonis/Moonsong/G'var/Smith/Solak: Responses

Alexander-Dalton: ::to Raissa:: If you have no objections, I would suggest
Commander Alentonis, and Lieutenant Solak work with you to finish
constructing the simulation you suggested. Myself, Lieutenant G'var=
, and
Lieutenant Smith could work on putting together a short report with a
recommendation for the Captain and could begin a list of supplies in case
the Captain orders an away mission.

Moonsong: Response

Alentonis/G'var/Smith/Solak: Responses


Lieutenant Commander Dassa Alexander-Dalton
, PD/P=

Chief Medical Officer

USS Veritas, NCC-95035


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