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JP Lt. Commander Dassa Alexander-Dalton & Lt. G\'var- 6,000 Parsec Oil and Rotation.

2020-05-12 04:34:18


OOC: This happens sometime on Shore Leave, when exactly...during Shore Leav=

((Sickbay, USS Veritas))

Taking the short walk to Sickbay from the Security Center, G'var did a few =
quick rotations of her prosthetic shoulder. Everything felt fine, she hadn'=
t had a single issue on the Mission to Ketar V or Hecate. Though with Mac=
's departure and with Lex coming onboard as the new CMO, G'var hadn=
't had the time to report properly and knew she needed to check in and at l=
east go over her medical history with her new Doctor.=20

Stepping into Sickbay, G'var asked one of the Nurses to let Lex know she wa=
s here for her appointment. As the Nurse headed off, G'var absently stared =
at a few readouts from various screens around the bay.

G'var:::raising a brow:: oO Cardasian Vol saliva can be used for what? Oo

Sickbay had been incredibly busy after the mission with patients coming in =
for everything from minor headaches to stomach complaints. A wry grin twist=
ed her lips, One of the latter hadn't ended so well, requiring that=
someone stop their regular duties to take care of the aftermath. Thank God=
she hadn't been the one to clean that up. Lex herself had taken a=
hit after she had linked to the Mentharan Creature.=20

A nurse, Crewman Hameldon, came to inform her that she had a patient and sh=
e looked in the direction the young woman indicated, slightly surprised to =
see the Klingon security officer she'd been teamed with on the rece=
nt mission. Offering the nurse a smile and a thank you, she grabbed a PADD =
and strode in the woman's direction.

Alexander-Dalton: ::smiles:: Lieutenant G'var. What can I do for yo=

G'var:::smiling:: Lex! I just stopped in to go over my medical history with=
my new Chief Medical Officer. I always like to meet my new Doctor and go o=
ver things. I don't want there to be any surprises

Dassa arched an eyebrow. Not many of her patients willingly reported for re=
gular physicals, which made her wonder what part of G'var's=
history that the woman felt the need to go over. Entering a series of comm=
ands into the PADD, she pulled up G'var's medical record an=
d both eyebrows shot up clean to her hairline.

Alexander-Dalton: Interesting=E2=80=A6

G'var:::Chuckling:: Keep reading Lex, it gets better. As Terrans like to sa=
y, it's not the years, it's the mileage=20

Dassa was a lover, not a fighter by nature and as such, the worst altercati=
on she'd been in had been a bar brawl with Halbjorn back on the Gor=
kon. She grimaced slightly, recalling how in the aftermath, Captain Reynold=
s had declared it a dry ship. Cory Stoyer, from what she'd heard, h=
ad resorted to brewing his own in a distillery tucked back in Engineering s=

Alexander-Dalton: ::shakes her head:: It's not the years that get y=
ou killed.

It was a rare slip, her professional mask falling for a couple of moments a=
s she recalled the fights she'd been in over the years--the ones th=
at had put her so far outside her comfort zone that she wouldn't ha=
ve believed it if she hadn't lived it for herself. She'd se=
en who she could be if she let all the pretenses fall and it made her uncom=
fortable. She'd seen what happened to people who joined Starfleet a=
s naive young officers only to be hardened by what they saw out here.

G'var:::squeezing Lex's shoulder with her prosthetic:: You're not w=
rong Lex, but you and I are still here. I wouldn't go back and change a thi=
ng. Every scar is a badge of Honor and a lesson learned. The people I love =
are still alive, and I'm fine with my choices.=20

Dassa glanced up from the PADD, her gaze meeting G'var's fo=
r long moments, her expression unreadable. There were scars that she could =
have lived without...the kind that didn't leave a physical mark but=
had hurt just the same.=20

Sensing the damn of her control close to breaking, she dropped her gaze and=
cleared her throat, stepping back so that G'var's hand fel=
l from her shoulder. It took a moment for her to collect herself. Though sh=
e'd gained greater control over her emotions, that didn't m=
ean they didn't still surprise her on occasion with their intensity=

When she looked up again, the warm smile and professional mask were back in=

Alexander-Dalton: I'm going to start by taking your vitals, then I=
'll be asking some questions about your medical history to make sur=
e everything is up to date.

G'var:: Sitting on the biobed:: Scan away Lex. I'm all yours.=20

Retrieving a medical tricorder from the nearby tray, Dassa entered a series=
of commands that would enable the device to scan for the particular aspect=
s of G'var's physiology that she was looking for. As she sc=
anned, she considered the parts of the woman's history that might n=
eed updating.

Alexander-Dalton: Have you made any changes to your diet or exercise routin=
es since your last check-up?

G'var: While I was with Father my diet consisted of more traditional Klingo=
n foods, my exercise routine didn't change though. I will say stress helped=
keep me lean. Since I've been back onboard, I've switched back to my norma=
l nutritional regime. I'm at the gym at 0400, pool at 1600, for cardio.=20

Somehow, Dassa managed to keep her expression neutral at the mention of tra=
ditional Klingon foods. She'd tried Gagh once and had nearly become=
sick from the strange sensation of the slimy creatures sliding down her th=
roat. She'd managed to keep face, however, and take one more before=
the tray had been passed down the table. Bahgol, a tea-like drink, had bee=
n served with the meal and she'd grown surprisingly fond of it.

She set the tricorder aside and picked up the PADD to make a note, shoving =
the memories of Gagh from her mind.

Alexander-Dalton: What about sleep routines?=20

G'var: Wil and I are usually in bed by 2200, ::smirking:: maybe midnight wh=
en one of us is feeling...amorous. I sleep soundly though, no issues there

Alexander-Dalton: oO I'm a doctor...a professional. I can hold this=
conversation without blushing. I will not blush. Oo

Though she managed to conceal her slight discomfort with the woman'=
s frankness, the talk of sleeping arrangements made her mind drift to Tobia=
n. These last few nights without him beside her had been some of the toughe=
st. She'd grown so used to him being only an arm's length a=
way if she had a nightmare. Though she wasn't usually a fan, she=E2=
=80=99d needed sedatives to calm the anxiety that sent her mind in circles =
when she'd laid down to sleep each night.=20

He'd contacted her earlier this morning to tell her that he and Ayd=
en were enroute, but it would still take a day or so for them to get here. =
It couldn't be soon enough in her opinion. This was the longest she=
'd been away from either her husband or her son since Ayden=E2=80=
=99s birth a little over a year ago.

Alexander-Dalton: ::makes a note on the PADD:: Do you currently take any me=
dications regularly?

G'var:::rotating her prosthetic shoulder::- I do take inhibitors to suppres=
s my immune system. Where my prosthetics meet me, my immune system constant=
ly tries to repair the damage, so to prevent massive keloids, I take the su=
ppressor. In the past it would interfere with nerve signals to my arm, but =
with my wireless upgrades that is no longer a problem. However, the keloids=
still form.=20

Dassa arched her eyebrows. Immunosuppressants. Those carried their own set =
of risks. It meant that G'var was more susceptible to infections. A=
voiding those with them wasn't always practical, especially in Star=
fleet. They dealt with plague situations fairly often. Likely, G'va=
r would be forced to wear an EVA suit in those situations to minimize risk =
of exposure...but even that wasn't entirely foolproof.

Alexander-Dalton: When was the last time your dosage was adjusted?

G'var:::rubbing her chin::- I wanna say Stardate 239612.28, while I was on =
layover at Deep Space 3. The Doctor there adjusted my dose before I reporte=
d back onboard. After my cosmetic changes and the addition of the synthskin=
to my prosthetic parts they had to readjust. For all intents and purposes,=
my immune response is the same as a Terran.

She wasn't entirely sure if that was a good thing. Humans tended to=
be more susceptible to certain illnesses than other species because the fa=
ct was, though they'd been traversing space for two and a half--nea=
rly three--centuries, they were still new kids on the block by comparison. =
She was aware that Klingons had certain redundant organs, though wasn=E2=80=
=99t certain, with the weakened immune system, how exactly that would affec=
t G'var.

Alexander-Dalton: ::nods and makes a note:: Are there any other conditions =
or medications you feel I should be aware of?

G'var:::cocking her head:: A little more than half a year back, my entire n=
ervous system shutdown. I had used my previous prosthetic to stop an energy=
discharge. At the time I didn't feel any negative effects, but then a week=
later, my nervous system began shutting down, your predecessor saved my li=
fe. I had to go through two months of rehabilitation at Starbase 118. I had=
to have all my prosthetics replaced. ::holding up her prosthetic arm:: Lie=
utenant Vanlith is the one that came up with the wireless control of my pro=

She had a feeling that it would take an extensive bit of time to go over ev=
ery bit of the woman's medical history. G'var was likely to=
be one of her more challenging patients. She'd heard Klingons were=
often fearless warriors, but it looked like she'd need to add reck=
less to the list of adjectives. With the number of injuries and accidents t=
he woman had endured or been through, she might as well reserve a permanent=
bed with a fancy placard. At least it didn't seem like she=E2=80=
=99d have to go out of her way to track G'var down when medical att=
ention was needed.

Alexander-Dalton: ::looks at the PADD and looks back up:: This one may be a=
bit personal, but for record purposes, when was your last menstrual cycle?

G'var:::narrowing her eyes:: Three weeks ago. ::cocking her head:: why? Am =
I pregnant again?=20

Dassa arched an eyebrow and studied the woman's chart, but didn=E2=
=80=99t see any indications that the woman had ever been pregnant. It must =
have been some kind of inside joke she wasn't aware of.

G'var:::Chuckling:: No, Just a joke I play on a lot of my Doctors the first=
time I report to them. ::holding a hand up:: Both Wil and I take precautio=
ns, neither of us are ready to be parents yet. G'var=20
Alexander-Dalton: ::smirks:: A joke that you should be careful with. Tell i=
t to the wrong doctor and you'll find yourself undergoing hours of =
unnecessary tests.

G'var:::smirking::By FeK'LaR's Beard ::wagging a finger:: T=
his Warrior will not be poked and prodded ::shrugging:: ..except by Wil

Alexander-Dalton: ::makes a note on the PADD:: That answers two questions i=
n one go. ::lifts her gaze to G'var's:: When was your last =
birth control injection?

G'var:::rubbing her chin:: The Doc on DS3 gave me one...239612.28. My 6000 =
mile lube and oil, she even rotated the tires.=20

Alexander-Dalton: ::smiles wanly:: You shouldn't be due for another=
one until that time this year then. ::makes a note on the PADD:: Well, I t=
hink that covers it on my end. Do you have any questions for me?

G'var:::rubbing her chin:: Well, you did get the synthskin regenerator corr=
ect ::holding her prosthetic out:: Commander Thomlinson said the skin neede=
d replaced every now and then, just from wear and tear?

Dassa nodded and went to the supply cart to retrieve it before returning wi=
th it in hand. After adjusting the settings, she began the process of repla=
cing the synthetic skin of G'var's prosthetic with a new la=

G'var:::keeping still:: Well Lex I have to hand it to you, this was all pre=
tty painless. ::smiling:: and with a minimum of poking and prodding. ::gro=
wling under her breath:: Again, I cannot tell you have much I detest, Pokin=
g and Prodding!=20

Alexander-Dalton: ::laughs:: Glad I could be of service.

G'var:::belly laughing:: Wanna meet later at the Brew Continuum? ::smirking=
:: I'll buy you a mug of raktajino.

Alexander-Dalton: ::smirks:: Not much for coffee. But I wouldn't tu=
rn down a nice mug of Earl Grey.

G'var:::holding her left hand out:: Deal!=20

Lieutenant Commander Dassa Alexander-Dalton, PD/PDS
Chief Medical Officer
USS Veritas, NCC-95035=20
Lieutenant G'var=20
Assistant Chief of Security
USS Veritas NCC-95035

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