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Ensign Clik Zae\'Li- This broadcast brought to you by the letter C (for Caffeine)

2020-05-12 05:21:48


(( Brew Continuum ))

Skyfire: Ah, my two favorite science officers. What can I get for you?

Alentonis: I'll have one of those Delano spiced lattes, if you don=
't mind.

Zae'Li: A green tea sounds nice, thank you.

As their drinks were made, Clik took a seat across from Tim, wrapping their
wings around the back of their chair for the sake of better comfort and
crossed one leg over the other

Zae'Li: You know it's interesting to me, the seeming human =
need for the
caffeinated things. Sometimes reminds me a little how different we can be
at times despite our similarities in other ways.

They generally understood how to conserve and use the energy they had
mostly productively without stimulants to do so. Such was their biology and

Alentonis: :: nods. :: Just out of curiosity, caffeinated or decaf?

Zae'Li: The first time I tried a coffee that wasn't decaf, =
I experienced
what I imagine to be an actual panic attack for the first time. I remember
it rained that day, and for a few moments I fully believed the sky was
falling even though I've been in plenty of rain before. It was a ve=
strange, and unpleasant experience. But I learned something, so at least I
had that. The humanoid ability to handle the little things the way you do
is fascinating to me, I've found. ::they let out a quiet whuffling sound,
laughter:: I'm sure you think similar of me.

Alentonis: Very interesting. Well, I haven't really had enough expe=
with your kind to know how you would handle what we consider =E2=80=9Clittl=

Skyfire: Panic attack, you say? Perhaps you can describe more of the
symptoms? I'm professionally curious now.

Alentonis: And that would be Dr. Chythar Skyfire for you. Coffee jockey by
day, medical officer by night.

The barista smiled softly and finished making the drinks, bringing them
over to the table and standing nearby for a moment as he waited for Clik to

Clik didn't immediately answer the question, mostly trying to gathe=
r the
information from the experience in their head.

Zae'Li: Oh, I like your name. Skyfire. Gives one the thought of sta=
rs. And
of The Phoenix. Very descriptive name. But=E2=80=A6 my mind was racing with=
far too
many thoughts. Mostly about all the physical feelings I had. My heart was
too fast, I couldn't stop shaking. Overstimulated senses. I felt li=
ke I was
in danger. It was physically painful for me.

Skyfire: Now bear in mind, I haven't actually treated one of your p=
before so at the moment this is just an educated guess, but is it possible
that you're allergic to caffeine?

Zae'Li: ::a quiet laugh:: Perhaps. I've never tested it in =
a controlled
environment. Wasn't in the mind to try that again at the time, I wa=
s quite
busy with all the studying and trying to get used to being around humans. I
was exhausted the rest of the day. But it's possible that my people=
really meant to process caffeine in such concentrated doses like that.
Aurelians evolved from birds, after all.

Clik took another drink of the tea in front of them and shrugged
nonchalantly, one wing lifting as they did. They'd found that now a=
nd again
they almost forgot their own differences as they mimicked what was around
them for the comfort of humans, and beings like humans. And usually those
moments led to something great, or to something intense.

Skyfire: Response.

Their attention however turned back to Tim as he spoke again, taking the
offered menu.

Alentonis: As promised, the menu. Food, drink, and actual merchandise like
caffeinated soap and department color mugs.

Zae'Li: ::a tilt of their head and a huff of amusement:: Caffeinate=
d soap?
How peculiar. What does the caffeine add to it?

Alentonis: Response.

Any: Response.


Ensign Clik Zae'Li

USS Veritas


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