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Rex Rhinestone, Lt Wil Ukinix - Everyday Should Be A Holiday

2020-05-12 11:11:55


((Orientation Area, "Rex's Ridin' 'n' Racing" Moon, Argentum))

MacKenzie: You cowpoke's have a good time. I'm going to go find the bar and=
watch. Who's coming with me?

Petras: ::grins:: That would be me.

Vanlith: And me.

Rex: As a gen'leman, I'd like to escort you four lovely ladies upstairs to =
the bar. ::Smiling:: Could I interest you each in a "Ranch Water" cocktail=

Vanlith: ::smiling to Rex:: Thank you

MacKenzie: A proper gentleman, of course.

Petras: Responses

Rex: My elbow's plen'y big enough! ::Smiling:: Could I interest you each i=
n a "Ranch Water" cocktail?

Vanlith: A "Ranch Water" Cocktail?

MacKenzie: Sounds swampy...

Petras: Response

Rex: ::Chuckling:: More beautiful than a Rigellian omelette!

Vanlith: Might be a little early still for me to be mixing drinks sadly.

MacKenzie: ::holding up her hands:: I think I'll pass on one of those.

Petras: Responses

Rex smiled as they reached the bar, that gave an almost perfect view of the=
entire track.

Vanlith: So tell me everything I've missed.
MacKenzie: Where do I even start... On our second day on the Embassy, our s=
huttle was shot out of the sky and I was kidnapped and tortured by Romulans=

Rex rounded the bar to prepare their drinks, listening with one ear.

MacKenzie: All in a day's work, of course.
Vanlith: ::signalling to the bar:: Interesting. First round on me what can =
I get for you?

MacKenzie: Irish coffee would be great, Char.

As the Risian lady with the long hair moseyed her way over to the bar, the =
tall red haired lady continued speaking.

MacKenzie: Ceciri, come join us!

Ariadust: Could you.. repeat that?

MacKenzie: ::waving her over:: Come join us!!

Vanlith: Hi Rex, could I get a Risian Mai Tai and an Irish Coffee.

Rex: Darn tootin'! ::Preparing drinks:: Say... you didn't wanna go out the=
re with them fellas?
Vanlith: Oh I'm not much of a flyer at all, doesn't come naturally. I'd muc=
h rather be fixing the intricates to the ship to make it possible to fly.

Rex: Beautiful *and* an engineer? The lucky person that lands you one day =
better realize how much of a catch you are. You're so pretty you'd make a =
man plow through a stump.
Vanlith: ::smiing brightly:: well thanks for the drinks. I'm sure the boys =
are enjoying the race.

Rex tipped his hat and gave the pretty young Risian a friendly wink, as she=
made her way back to the group.
Vanlith: :: handing Addison her drink:: Here you go. What have I missed any=

Petras?/Any: Response

((After the Race - Orientation Room & Bar))

Rex, with a smile, handed Wil a Risian Mai Tai, as he walked back in. The =
race was a lot of fun.

Kelrod: You know, adrenaline pumping in a friendly environment, ... what we=
need now is something to celebrate Jansen's good luck.

Teller: Hell of a racer you are, Jansen. ::Teller raised his glass:: Her=
e's to you and Raissa.

Wil lifted his drink in Jansen's direction...

Ukinix: To Jansen and Raissa. And Natalia!

Orrey: Response
Kelrod: :: sitting next to doctor Mackenzie :: So, how was your talk time?

MacKenzie: It was good! Always great to be around this bunch.
Ariadust/Petras: Response
Kelrod: We certainly did. :: smiling at the others :: We haven't had much t=
ime ask you... How are you doing on the... Thor?

MacKenzie: Let's just say it provides a... unique set of challenges.

Teller: ::Geoff leaned back, slowly unwinding:: We're muddling through. =
Good ship and a fine crew. Warp core is a real thing of beauty. Speaking =
of...::Geoff turned his attention first towards Charlena:: Ikara!
Vanlith: ::smiling brightly:: Ikara! ::quietly to Teller:: Its good to see=
you Preemari.
Teller: It's good to see you. ::Geoff smiled:: You keeping Wil in line?

Wil playfully rolled his eyes. But in truth, he was ecstatic. It was good=
to see Charlena and Geoffrey talking in person again. He'd missed these m=
Vanlith: How could I not be with you gone. Don't need two chiefs known for =
blowing things up. ::Chuckling::

Petras: Response
Teller: Well I know you're not done torturing him, Jayla. You ever pull t=
hose 'code upgrades' out of his replicator?

Petras: Response
Wil playfully shook his head while smiling. The ship's computer was still =
giving Wil grief, no matter how many times he tried to eradicate Jayla's "c=
ustom" programming.
Teller: Of course I knew about it. ::Geoff flashed a somewhat goofy grin::=
I was the Chief. ::And promptly toppled backwards out of his chair.::
Vanlith: You really are just a walking disaster ::laughing and helping Tell=
er back to his feet::

Teller: Response

Ukinix: Well at least it didn't explode.
Any: Response

There were several more rounds of drinks, and the bar area got louder. And=
louder. And louder. The chatting and playful, friendly teasing of each o=
ther finally made Wil truly relax after the stress of the last mission.

But the time had come to leave the bar, and head back to the ship. All the=
conversations and good cheer would continue there.

A big smile came to his face as the group walked down the long corridor bac=
k to the ship. Risa was going to be a blast (with increased chances of an =
*actual* blast with Teller present), and he hoped that Jansen was having a =
great bachelor party.

Ukinix: oO Ev'ry daaay... aaaaay-aaaay.... Should be-a hooolidaaaaay.... Oo

[End Scene for Wil - Off to Risa on the ship!!!]

But as for Rex...

((Launch Bay))

Rex waved goodbye to the oddly named SS Bacchus Marsh as it gracefully flew=
out of the bay.

He turned to look at the sort red-headed gentleman who was standing near th=
e other ship. The man had quietly asked him to meet... it was all very odd=
. He wondered how he was going to say, "sorry, you're lovely, but you're =
just not my type" as he approached him.

Teller: Thanks for meeting me, Rex. I wanted to talk to you about buying =
a pair of those speeders of yours. I can think of a few ways my crew could=
have a bit of fun with them. What do you think?

Rex: Oh... Oh! ::Wiping forehead:: phew! I thought... anyway, sorry my ma=
n, the Sags aren't for sale. No matter how much latinum you might be carry=
ing on you.

Teller: Well, I wasn't so much thinking of currency - more of a trade. Yo=
u're clearly a man, like myself, who can appreciate a high speed piece of m=
achinery. Tell me - ever seen one of these?

Geoff smacked the rear hatch release, slowly lowering the ramp. Inside, th=
e damaged but serviceable Argo buggy sat, tall on its all terrain tires. G=
eoff smiled as Rex let out a low whistle.

The rear hatch began to release. A ramp slowly lowered. There was a buggy=
of some sort sat in the back. Rex mouth formed a circle, and he gave an i=
mpressed whistle.

Teller: Regulations say I have to declare this vehicle a loss due to damag=
e suffered last mission. Already been stripped of it's weapons and most of=
the armor. Doesn't matter that an inexpensive, type 7 phase coupler and a=
few new tires would make it drivable...we have safety standards to maintai=
n in Starfleet. ::Geoff winked and smiled:: But an enterprising fellow like=

Rex: ::Smiling, looking at Teller:: ... could let people race a Starfleet =
buggy around my track.

Teller: I hoped you'd see it that way. Oh and Rex, one more small thing?

Rex had already made his way back inside to make the arrangements. He turn=
ed around and

Rex: What's that, son.

Teller: ::Geoff's grin became goofy and child like.:: I want the red one.

A wicked grin formed on Rex's face.

Rex: ::Slapping thigh:: I'll go make the arrangements.

((23 minutes later))

The other ship had left the shuttlebay, complete with two Sags and minus on=
e buggy.

Rex made his way into the administrative office. His wife and employee, Ag=
nes, was filing her nails with her feet up on the desk.

Rex: We better go get some more of them Sags for racin'-

He stopped, and reached under his jaw, pressing his thumb into his muscle. =
The now familiar quiet "bzzt" sound filled his ears and gave his skull a s=
light shock. It was a sensation he was starting to get used to. He tilted=
his head left, and cracked his neck.

Rex: ::London Accent:: We're going to need two more anti-grav racers.

Agnes paused before speaking.

Agnes: Why did you have to get that bio implant? Just because some marketi=
ng person said so? How long can you keep up this act.

Rex: It's working... alright?! We're making a profit.

Agnes: Said the "cowboy" from Wimbledon.

"Rex" sat down on his office chair.

[Really the End of Act 2 - on to Risa!!!]


Lieutenant Wil Ukinix
Acting Chief Engineer
USS Veritas

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