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Lieutenant Commander Addison MacKenzie - Rejoined

2020-05-12 10:50:15


(OOC: Picking up the earlier tags I missed and closing out the scene so we
can get to Risa!)

*((Orientation Area, =E2=80=9CRex's Ridin' =E2=80=98n=E2=80=
=99 Racing=E2=80=9D Moon, Argentum))*

*MacKenzie*: You cowpoke's have a good time. I'm going to g=
o find the bar
and watch. Who's coming with me?

*Petras*: ::grins:: That would be me.

*Vanlith*: And me.

*Rex*: As a gen'leman, I'd like to escort you four lovely l=
adies upstairs
to the bar.

*Vanlith*: ::smiling to Rex:: Thank you

*MacKenzie*: A proper gentleman, of course.

*Petras*: Responses

*Rex*: My elbow's plen'y big enough! ::Smiling:: Could I in=
terest you each
in a =E2=80=9CRanch Water=E2=80=9D cocktail?

*Vanlith*: A =E2=80=9CRanch Water=E2=80=9D Cocktail?

*MacKenzi*e: Sounds swampy=E2=80=A6

*Petras*: Response

*Rex*: ::Chuckling:: More beautiful than a Rigellian omelette!

*Vanlith*: Might be a little early still for me to be mixing drinks sadly.

*MacKenzie*: ::holding up her hands:: I think I'll pass on one of t=

*Petras*: Responses

Rex smiled as they reached the bar, that gave an almost perfect view of the
entire track.

*Vanlith*: So tell me everything I've missed.

*MacKenzie*: Where do I even start=E2=80=A6 On our second day on the Embass=
y, our
shuttle was shot out of the sky and I was kidnapped and tortured by
Romulans=E2=80=A6 Rex rounded the bar to prepare their drinks, listening wi=
th one
ear. MacKenzie: All in a day's work, of course.

*Vanlith*: ::signalling to the bar:: Interesting. First round on me what
can I get for you?

*MacKenzie*: Irish coffee would be great, Char.

As the Risian lady with the long hair moseyed her way over to the bar, the
tall red haired lady continued speaking.

*MacKenzie*: Ceciri, come join us!

*Ariadust*: Could you.. repeat that?

*MacKenzie*: ::waving her over:: Come join us!!

Vanlith made her way back in short order.

*Vanlith*: :: handing Addison her drink:: Here you go. What have I missed

*Petras?/Any*: Response

*((Minutes Later - Orientation Room & Bar))*

With the race over, their comrades had joined them. Several plates of food
were being shared among them.

*Kelrod*: You know, adrenaline pumping in a friendly environment, =E2=80=A6=
what we
need now is something to celebrate Jansen's good luck.

*Teller*: Hell of a racer you are, Jansen. ::Teller raised his glass::
Here's to you and Raissa.

*Orrey/Ukinix*: Response

*Kelrod*: :: sitting next to doctor Mackenzie :: So, how was your talk

*MacKenzie*: It was good! Always great to be around this bunch.

*Ariadust/Petras*: Response

*Kelrod*: We certainly did. :: smiling at the others :: We haven't had much
time ask you... How are you doing on the... Thor?

*MacKenzie*: Let's just say it provides a=E2=80=A6 unique set of ch=

*Teller*: ::Geoff leaned back, slowly unwinding:: We're muddling
through. Good ship and a fine crew. Warp core is a real thing of beauty.
Speaking of...::Geoff turned his attention first towards Charlena:: Ikara!

*Vanlith*: ::smiling brightly:: Ikara! ::quietly to Teller:: Its good to
see you Preemari.

*Teller*: It's good to see you. ::Geoff smiled:: You keeping Wil in

*Vanlith*: How could I not be with you gone. Don't need two chiefs =
for blowing things up. ::Chuckling::

*Petras*: Response

*Teller*: Well I know you're not done torturing him, Jayla. You ever pull
those 'code upgrades' out of his replicator?

*Petras*: Response

Geoff leaned back in his chair, possibly a bit too far.

*Teller*: Of course I knew about it. ::Geoff flashed a somewhat goofy
grin:: I was the Chief. ::And promptly toppled backwards out of his

*Vanlith*: You really are just a walking disaster ::laughing and helping
Teller back to his feet::

*Teller*: Response

*Any*: Response

*[End Scene for MacKenzie]*


*Lieutenant Commander Addison MacKenzie, M.D., Ph.D., FASFS Chief Medical
Officer USS Thor*

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